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CSR Initiative to build libraries at government schools in Delhi through Project Pustakalaya

Sinch, which powers meaningful conversations between businesses and their customers through its Customer Communications Cloud, has recently taken on a remarkable initiative called “Project Pustakalaya” in collaboration with the Anandaya Foundation. This project involves establishing 86 libraries in government schools around the Delhi NCR region. Through this initiative, Sinch remains committed to its sustainable goal of ensuring the basic Right to Education for underprivileged children.
Project Pustakalaya aims to bridge the gap between a book and a child. The company inaugurated 34 pustakalayas in the first phase and aims to inaugurate 52 more in the second. These pustakalayas are designed in open racks that keep books level-wise so that students can easily access child-friendly, relevant, and contextual books. Through Project Pustakalaya, Sinch aims to foster a reading culture by connecting the power of words and promoting literacy as a cornerstone of communication and knowledge.
Speaking about this initiative, Nitin Singhal, Managing Director of Sinch, said, “At Sinch, we strongly believe that education is the backbone of any society’s progress. We are optimistic that these pustakalayas will help class 5 and above students enhance their reading skills and comprehension. We are grateful to the Anandaya Foundation for lending their expertise, which has been instrumental in turning this noble cause into a reality. We are confident that this initiative will positively impact society and encourage a reading culture among students to foster knowledge acquisition and learning.”
Expressing their appreciation towards this step, Mrs. Jaishree Goyal, Founder Trustee Anandaya Foundation said, “Pustakalaya program will create a transformative impact in government schools. This initiative can create a brighter future for the students by inculcating a love for reading and learning. We are thankful to Sinch for their initiative of Project Pustakalaya, which has the potential to impact the lives of students of these government schools positively.”
Through Project Pustakalaya, Sinch aims to make learning more engaging and boost students’ confidence and enthusiasm.
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