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Transformation of the Infrastructure for 38 Government Schools in Haridwar under a CSR Initiative

Relaxo CSR
India’s leading footwear company, Relaxo Footwear Limited, has recently allocated 38 government schools in the Khanpur and Laksar blocks of Haridwar district to the School Management Committee and Education Department of Uttarakhand. This strategic move is in line with their ongoing commitment to promote infrastructure development and capacity-building as part of the ‘Parivartan Model School’ project, aimed at fostering positive change and growth in the region’s educational landscape.
This initiative was held in the presence of Hon’ble Chief Guest Mr. Bansidhar Tiwari (IAS), State Project Director- Samagra Shiksha Uttarakhand, and other dignitaries, Dr. Mukul Kumar Sati- Additional State Project Director- Samagra Shiksha Uttarakhand & Mr. Sushil Batra- Chief Financial Officer- Relaxo Footwears Limited. Along with Mr. B.P Maindoli- Staff Officer- SSA-Uttarakhand, Mrs. Deepti Yadav- BEO- Khanpur, Mr. J.P. Kala- BEO-Laksar, Mr. Gambhir Agrawal- Head CSR & Mr. Neeraj Awasthi- Unit Head- Haridwar- Relaxo.
The Parivartan Model School Project by Relaxo aims to enhance education quality, infrastructure, teaching aids, and vital supplies in rural government schools. It includes capacity-building through teacher and school committee training in child-centered learning, classroom management, and assessment.
Hon’ble Chief Guest Mr. Bansidhar Tiwari praised “Relaxo for its commitment to improving education in rural areas. He said that the Parivartan Model School Project is a classic example of a successful partnership between the corporate sector, the government, and the community.”
Special Guest Dr. Mukul Kumar Sati, Additional State Project Director- Samagra Shiksha Uttarakhand expressed his gratitude for “Relaxo’s partnership with the Education Department in improving infrastructure and capacity building in schools, which is benefiting rural children, their parents, and teachers. He also announced that the Hon. State Project Director, Samagra Shiksha, Uttarakhand has requested a proposal for a Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose residential school in Lalchandwala village.”
Mr. Gambhir Agrawal, Head of CSR at Relaxo, provided an overview of the Parivartan Model School Project, spanning four phases and encompassing 104 Government Schools in the Khanpur and Laksar Blocks of Haridwar District. The project focuses on Infrastructure Development, including new construction and renovation of key elements such as the Main Gate, Boundary Wall, Stage, Roof Waterproofing, Age-appropriate Handwashing Stations, and flooring. Moreover, the installation of Building as a Learning Aid (BALA) designs both inside and outside the schools enhances the teaching-learning experience. Additionally, the project organizes various training, meetings, and sensitization sessions for teachers, School Management Committee (SMC) members, students, parents, and the community, contributing to holistic educational growth.
Mr. Sushil Batra, CFO of Relaxo, emphasized the importance of collaboration with all stakeholders for successful social work. He expressed his gratitude for the appreciation of Relaxo’s efforts by the State and District officials of the Education Department, and urged the local community members to come forward and provide their support.
The handover of 38 schools to the School Management Committee and Education Department is a significant milestone in the Parivartan Model School Project. The project has already benefited over 10,000 students in rural Haridwar.
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