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Sustainable shopping experience this festive season with innovative air quality monitoring solutions

PUMA store at Connaught Place in Delhi was the first to receive the IAQ certification
In a pioneering move for the Indian retail industry, sports brand PUMA India has ushered a new era of sustainable shopping experience for its customers this festive season. The brand has deployed an Internet of Things (IoT) solution across its stores to maintain improved indoor air quality (IAQ). Shoppers can now step into a PUMA India store anytime to breathe healthier, safer, more efficient indoor air.
PUMA’s pilot phase saw five stores receive Air Quality (AQ) certifications from accredited Indian testing lab NABL (Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories), endorsing the program’s effectiveness. The selection criteria of these stores were solely based on AQ statistics, to ensure that the initiative’s benefits extend to diverse regions. An additional 80 stores are in the pipeline to receive IAQ certification, representing PUMA’s commitment to providing a great in-store experience for shoppers.
The innovative IoT solution of hardware and software connects the store’s electro-mechanical equipment to a central database, enabling real-time monitoring of both energy consumption and IAQ. The solution operates by continuously collecting and analysing data, controlling equipment operations and providing actionable insights that empower store managers to take actions to optimise energy usage and maintain improved air quality within their retail space. The transformative technology is not just about improving store operations; it’s also about the brand’s commitment to climate action.
“Our continued investment in technology is a reflection of our commitment to be at the forefront of operating smart and sustainable PUMA retail outlets in the country,” said Vishal Gupta, Executive Director – Retail at PUMA India. “As a brand, PUMA is constantly looking for opportunities to create new experiences for its customers. We are working with the best solutions available to deliver a state-of-the-art shopping experience and improved indoor air quality in the stores for customers this festive season,” he added.
PUMA is also the first brand in India to deploy this advanced technology across its stores, marking a significant milestone in the country’s retail landscape. As the retail industry grapples with environmental footprint, PUMA has provided a roadmap towards a greener, cleaner and more responsible shopping environment for customers through this initiative.
The brand collaborated with EcoEnergy Insights to implement the IoT-enabled solution across the company’s flagship stores in India. EcoEnergy Insights, part of Carrier Global Corporation, is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT-enabled solutions and services. Currently, EcoEnergy Insights provides services to over 55,000 sites globally and in India, supports its customers in managing energy consumption in their sites in over 600 cities.
“We are proud to provide IoT technology to PUMA to enhance the in-store experience while helping reduce the stores’ carbon footprint. This is a pioneering programme in sportswear retail in India and we are fully committed to enabling PUMA with the best IoT technology to drive additional value levers like efficient store design and reduced lifecycle asset costs,” said HAPS Dhillon, General Manager, Sales, EcoEnergy Insights.
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