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CSR initiatives to improve water security in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

PepsiCo India and ADI partner to improve water security in Uttar Pradesh
During World Water Week 2023, PepsiCo India along with partner Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI), today launched its Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management (SWRDM) program in Uttar Pradesh.  As part of its ‘Winning with pep+’ philosophy, Shri Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, Minister of Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry, Government of Uttar Pradesh and Ahmed ElSheikh, President, PepsiCo India inaugurated one of the seven community rainwater harvesting ponds, located in Puthari, Chatta Tehsil, Mathura.  
Smt. Hema Malini, Actress and Member of Lok Sabha, Mathura constituency appreciated PepsiCo India’s initiative through a video message.  Shri Nardev Chaudhary, Director DCB, Mathura and Rajinder Nijjar, Managing Director, ADI were also present.
The comprehensive water resource development strategy aims at replenishing 100% water used in the manufacturing operations and improving the health of local watersheds that are most at risk. Under the project, 7 community rainwater harvesting ponds with a groundwater recharge potential of 214 million litres have already been constructed, enabling groundwater recharge in 7 neighbouring villages. 
Speaking at the occasion, Shri Laxmi Narayan Chaudhary, Minister of Sugarcane Development and Sugar Industry, Government of Uttar Pradesh, said, “We extend our heartfelt congratulations to PepsiCo India and ADI for their commendable efforts in launching a community-based Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management (SWRDM) program to conserve and replenish groundwater in the villages of MathuraThis initiative aligns perfectly with the Uttar Pradesh government’s Mission Amrit Sarovar, which aims to restore and invigorate water bodies in the state. PepsiCo India’s actions exemplify how corporate responsibility can be effectively harnessed for the greater public welfare.”
Smt. Hema Malini, Actress and Member of Parliament, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, further added in the video message, “As we strive to preserve and restore the vital community water ponds, we applaud PepsiCo India and ADI for their efforts. By actively engaging local communities, partnerships such as these demonstrate true harmony in their collective endeavour to conserve water, leaving a legacy of shared commitment to safeguard this precious resource.”
 Commenting on the initiative, Ahmed ElSheikh, President, PepsiCo India, said, PepsiCo India is excited to partner with Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) to bring our Sustainable Water Resource Development and Management (SWRDM) strategy to Uttar Pradesh. We endeavour to be partners in progress and are dedicated to replenishing water in local watersheds and continue to raise awareness through community trainings and sustainable practices. Continuous support of Government of Uttar Pradesh and our partner, ADI have enabled us to move forward in this journey towards sustainable growth.” 
Rajinder Nijjar, Managing Director, Alternative Development Initiatives, said, In partnership with PepsiCo India, we initiated a comprehensive study of all the villages under Chatta Tehsil to understand the concern of the area and accordingly plan a long-term sustainable water resource development & management strategy. Village communities and local stakeholders are the nucleus in these initiatives and are involved from the very beginning. Our joint efforts towards these interventions would improve the water quality, groundwater scenario and enhance capacities of the communities for creation of livelihoods in the area.”
As part of this initiative, PepsiCo India, and Alternative Development Initiatives (ADI) have also been conducting training programs for over 450 farmers with the help of various training institutions and in house capacity building facilities. The training focuses on the need of water conservation and management, modern farming and modern technology awareness, and several other agronomic practices. The project includes convergence with government programs and banks for holistic development including formation and empowerment of SHGs across the project area with over 40 members undertaking trainings including soap making, stitching and candle making.
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