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Installation of 100 Air Purifiers in schools across Delhi and Bengaluru as part of ‘Actions to Breathe Cleaner’ program

Otrivin Purifier Installation
Otrivin, the leading nasal spray brand in India, is proud to announce the expansion of its ‘Actions to Breathe Cleaner’ program with the installation of 100 air purifiers across 10 government schools in India to improve overall air quality within their learning environments. In addition to the installation of 22 air purifiers across three government schools in Bengaluru in 2022, Otrivin has now taken a step ahead by installing 78 self-cleaning and sustainable air purifiers in 10 government schools in Delhi so children can breathe cleaner air.
Sharing his thoughts on this new phase, Mr. Bineet Jain, Category Head – Pain & Respiratory, Haleon India said, “Air pollution is an everyday battle that we live with. While it affects individuals of all ages, children perhaps are the most vulnerable and adversely impacted, despite being the least contributors to air pollution. At Haleon, we are led by our purpose of delivering better everyday health with humanity. Recognizing the vital role that clean air plays in the healthy growth and development of the students, it is our objective to raise awareness about the importance of breathing clean air and following sustainable practices in schools. Post success of our pilot project in Bengaluru and the positive impact generated, we have brought this program to one of the worst-hit area – Delhi NCR. We believe that by creating a healthier, safer environment for children, we will make a tangible difference in their daily lives. We hope that the Actions to Breathe Cleaner program inspires others to take simple actions to make our world healthier and a better place to live.”
10 schools catering to underprivileged communities in Delhi-NCR, across regions like Dwarka, Palam Vihar, Ghaziabad, etc., were identified based on their location with poor air quality and a lack of access to clean air solutions in the area. With the installation of an additional 78 air purifiers, the program is now positively impacting a total of 4000+ students and teachers across the region.
Showcasing the positive impact of this initiative, Mr. Rajender Meena, Head Principal, Government Boys Senior Secondary School GBSSS, Raj Nagar – I, Palam Village, said, “As educators, we strive to provide the best learning environment to our students every day. Rising air pollution levels across cities in India not only had a detrimental effect on children, but it also impacts their education due to school shutdowns. With the help of Otrivin’s ‘Actions to Breathe Cleaner’ initiative, we are now able to provide a healthy environment with clean air to both our students and teachers.”
The ‘Actions to Breathe Cleaner’ program was launched in 2022 where, three schools with the lowest air quality across Bengaluru were identified to install 22 sustainable and self-cleaning air purifiers across these schools, improving the air quality of approximately one thousand school children every day. The initiative aims to encourage people at large to take small actions to breathe cleaner such as using public transport, walking short distances instead of driving, carpooling, etc. to curb air pollution.
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