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CSR: M3M Foundation pledge to support more than 150000 people in Tauru block of Aspirational Dist Nuh on World Health Day

On the occasion of World Health Day, M3M Foundation proposes under its flagship programme “Sarvoday” to provide the gift of good health to over 50,000 direct beneficiaries and more than one lakh indirect recipients across 54 panchayats in the Tauru block of Nuh district, Haryana.
To implement this program, M3M Foundation has signed a tri-party memorandum of understanding with the Community Health Centre (CHC) of Tauru and an expert organisation SAAOL Heart and Research Foundation Trust (SHARFT). For the period of three years, both these entities will be the implementing agencies of the project being initiated by the M3M Foundation.
The MOU was signed in the presence of Dr Bimal Chhajer- from Saaol Heart and Research, Dr Payal Kanodia- Chairman and Trustee, M3M Foundation, Dr Devendar Solanki, SMO CHC Tauru, and Chairperson Nagarpalika Tauru Ms. Manita Garg, Dr Rajarshi Bhattacharjee- chief advisor SHARFT.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Payal Kanodia said; “It’s my pleasure that on World Health Day 2023, we are signing this Mou with Saaol and CHC Tauru today, where we are talking about heart diseases, diabetes and hypertension which all are lifestyle diseases which are absolute curable without any medical intervention and for these experts like Dr. Bimal and Dr. Devender will be a huge support. With Saaol’s collaboration, the dream of a better India, healthy India will be a success”.
Through this memorandum, the foundation, with the help of SHARFT and CHC, aims to create livelihood opportunities for 300 youngsters from the Tauru block by turning them into skilled phlebotomists within a year. Additionally, the implementation organizations will also organise health camps in the 54 Panchayats of Tauru block. A team of expert doctors will examine the villagers and critical testing will be conducted as well.
“With the aim of removing heart diseases from India, in a very simple way, we all can save ourselves from these heart problems. We need to understand our bodies and learn the best ways to keep our hearts healthy. With my over experience in medical research and studies, Saaol was built up with a vision. I thank M3M Foundation for the support and my belief is with this MoU we will be able to reach the vision of removing heart diseases from India and coming to success”, said Dr. Bimal Chhajer.
Dr. Devendar Solanki thanked M3M Foundation and Dr. Bimal Chhajer for this great initiative. Saying that; “The public of Tauru will have a huge benefit from this association. This will educate our people and also help our future generation to get a better system for health”.
M3M Foundation is the philanthropic arm of M3M Group; working towards bringing equitable development that helps in attaining a brighter India. The Foundation envisions growth and development for all through the support of government initiatives and proactive steps in the developmental regime. The Foundation is determined to bring development across all sections of society by undertaking projects that ensure holistic growth. The Foundation’s prime focus is on health, education, disaster management, and socio-economic development to transform a rural lifestyle.
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