Home Press Release CSR News: Literacy India educational programmes benefit over 10000 Vidyapeeth students

CSR News: Literacy India educational programmes benefit over 10000 Vidyapeeth students

Literacy India, a non-profit organisation and Teleperformance India, a leading provider of digital integrated business services, have decided to join hands to curate social transformation programmes that leave an immediate and lasting positive impact on its beneficiaries and the society at large. This partnership highlights the importance of collaborative efforts in creating sustainable solutions for social development, and the commendable commitment of both organisations to continue work towards this cause.
Literacy India, with a presence in 17 Indian States and Union Territories, has been making a significant impact in the lives of over 800,000 children, youth, and women. Under the Digital Mentorship Program, students in the field of digital education have a one-of-a-kind experience to gain valuable insights and training from Teleperformance India leaders and digital experts. This program has proven highly advantageous to young minds seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge. The partnership has fulfilled the continued commitment towards social development goals for last 18 years.
Literacy India Vidyapeeth School has successfully impacted 10000 students through its educational programs with its Smart Classes, Experiential Learning, Sports, Marshal Arts, Vocational Studies and Digital mentorship by the employees volunteering to teach. Students at this school over the last two decades are now responsible citizens and helping their families independently, thereby mission is successful with Literacy India`s commitment made to child to become responsible adult.
In line with our commitment to being a Force of Good, Teleperformance India employees are active volunteers for engaging, coaching and mentoring students of Literacy India. We have helped establish infrastructure for the school, built recreation rooms and coached a group of Vidyapeeth students on modules related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) through our Digital Mentorship Program,” shares Jenifer Dwivedi, Communication & CSR lead, Teleperformance India.
In addition to the Digital Mentorship Program, Teleperformance India also started the Pathshala Project, in partnership with Literacy India, in five locations to help ensure quality education for underprivileged children. This Project will expand across 19 more locations in India by March 2024, supporting education for another 7,500 children.
This showcases the company’s commitment to sharing their knowledge and expertise to help these students become skilled, employable and future-ready.
Citizen of the World (COTW) is Teleperformance’s charitable initiative that seeks to generate a positive impact on local communities, particularly vulnerable children and their families. Teleperformance India aims to equip the children with basic education and the youth with recruitment readiness interventions through mentorship programs to enable them to get hired and sustain a livelihood,” says Vinod Mehta, Chief Human Resource Officer, Teleperformance India & APAC.
“Literacy India in past 26 years of operations has worked in the rural and semi-rural areas imparting education and skills to women, youth and children. The collaboration with Teleperformance India is a way forward in our endeavor to empower the communities that are in desperate need,” says Captain Indraani Singh, Managing Trustee, Literacy India
Over 40 educators have received training on how to effectively utilize the e-content available through Extra Marks’ Smart Class program, resulting in improved instruction and better grades for students. Moreover, two instructors have undergone specialized training on AI,ML,Robotics curriculum with the help of volunteers from Teleperformance.School also aligns to NEP2020 syllabus of various vocational  and Talent building studies like Hardware,Mobile -Repair,Cooking,Computer Application Course, Beauty & Wellness,Stitching,Embroidery & Dressmaking,Painting, Music,Marshal Arts,Theatre etc
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