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International Yoga Day Celebration by Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Uthan Samiti (ABGUS) with SBI Foundation under Gram SEVA Program at Nuh

ABGUS SBI Foundation Yoga Day
Today, Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Uthan Samiti (ABGUS), in collaboration with SBI Foundation, joyously celebrated International Yoga Day under its Gram SEVA Program in Nuh. The event aimed to promote holistic well-being and community spirit through the practice of yoga, embracing the theme of “Yoga for Wellness.”
The event commenced with a serene morning session at Tauru block, where participants from the local community, including men, women, and children of all ages, gathered with enthusiasm. The program began with a traditional Devi Vandana recitation and lighting ceremony, symbolizing the light of knowledge and unity.
Mr. Manoj Yadav, President of ABGUS, expressed his gratitude to all participants and emphasized the significance of yoga in fostering physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. He highlighted ABGUS’s commitment to promoting health and wellness among rural populations through various initiatives under the Gram SEVA Program.
Yoga instructors led the attendees through a series of yoga postures and breathing exercises, tailored to suit beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Participants were encouraged to embrace the ancient discipline of yoga as a tool for stress relief, flexibility, and overall wellness.
Ms. Seema, a local resident and participant, shared her experience, stating, “Yoga has been a transformative journey for me. It not only enhances my physical strength but also brings peace to my mind. I am grateful to ABGUS and SBI Foundation for organizing such an empowering event in our community.”
The event concluded with a collective meditation session, promoting a sense of unity and tranquillity among the participants. As a token of appreciation, attendees received t-shirts on yoga and health tips for daily practice.
ABGUS and SBI Foundation reaffirmed their commitment to continue promoting yoga and holistic health practices among rural communities as part of their ongoing efforts under the Gram Seva Program.
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