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CSR: Free water quality tests in Bengaluru to assure residents

Bengaluru, India: Every summer, the groundwater levels drop and residents in several cities in India depend on alternate water sources. This leads to one major concern – fluctuating water quality. During this intense summer when 50% of borewells in Bengaluru have run dry and residents are uncertain about water quality, DrinkPrime, India’s leading drinking water company, is going from door-to-door to test and assure water quality with the #WaterSafetyWithDrinkPrime initiative. This is a first in the Indian water purifier industry.
With the increasing dependence of residents on tankers that have to travel far and fetch water from questionable sources, the residents are constantly concerned about the quality of water they receive. With a mobile water quality testing laboratory, the DrinkPrime team visits people’s residences and conducts free water quality tests to assure them of the water quality at home. They had conducted a free water quality test for all residents at the Mahaveer Ranches apartment in Bengaluru during a water contamination crisis in July 2023.
“We believe in going above and beyond for people, especially at crucial times like this summer season. With the #WaterSafetyWithDrinkPrime campaign, we want to ensure that the residents no longer have to worry about what’s in their water and drinking water because they will receive a DrinkPrime-approved water quality report after the water quality test. It starts with understanding the problem and that’s what we would like to educate people about,” said Vijender Reddy Muthyala, Co-founder & CEO, DrinkPrime.
DrinkPrime’s mobile water quality testing laboratory moves around in different areas in Bengaluru starting with HSR Layout. The #WaterSafetyWithDrinkPrime drive launched on March 11 will run till April 7, 2024. With comprehensive water quality assessments, the DrinkPrime team aims to provide final reports detailing seven essential water quality parameters – total dissolved solids (TDS), pH, hardness, alkalinity, Chlorine, Chloride, and Iron – to homeowners and tenants.
Speaking about the initiative, Manas Ranjan Hota, Co-founder & COO, DrinkPrime, said, “This initiative is to ensure Bengaluru residents get the opportunity to get their water tested easily. All they need to do is contact us at +91 8550808889.”
“Water is something people consume a lot throughout the day but they don’t necessarily put as much thought into the quality of water as they do with food quality. But everyone should know what goes into their body, the quality of water, especially people who are permanently living in Bengaluru,” said Arjun Sharma, who got his water quality tested in HSR Layout.
“If fellow Bengaluru residents spot the #WaterSafetyWithDrinkPrime initiative vehicle on the road, just click a picture and post it on our Instagram and Twitter and tag us. We have a super interesting surprise gift for you,” said Manas.
As a part of its commitment to promoting water safety and addressing the challenges posed by water scarcity, DrinkPrime remains dedicated to leveraging innovative solutions and technology to deliver safe drinking water to communities across the country. The 8-year-old startup recently won the Inc42 Fast 42 awards in the Growth category and also achieved the highest number of monthly installs across the water purifier industry in February.




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