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CSR initiative ‘Shakti Room’ to empower women in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh

Balrampur Foundation, a not-for-profit initiative aimed at inter-alia fulfilling the social responsibility of Balrampur Chini Mills Limited, which is one of the largest integrated sugar mill complexes in India, undertook a pioneering and impactful CSR initiative of setting up ‘The Shakti Room’.
Inaugurated by Shri Vineet Jaiswal, Superintendent of Police, Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, the Shakti Room initiative is primarily a Women Force and Safety Centre, undertaken by Balrampur Foundation. The inauguration of the centre was witnessed by officials from the Maizapur Unit of Balrampur Chini Mills Limited. Police Area officer Ms. Shilpa Verma also participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony and unveiled the room.
Situated at the police office premises, this newly built district centre will emphasize I n aiding women affected by cybercrime or other harassment issues and will provide legal information and resolutions for women-related issues. A lady police officer will be present every day in The Shakti Room to help the victims of cybercrime and other women and to handle other women harassment issues. The Shakti room will not only act on the complaints received from women but also stand beside them to ensure their social rights.
The initiative was undertaken, to alleviate incidents reported in the Annual Report of The National Crime Records in India which showcased a huge surge in crimes against women. Similarly, there has been a marked increase in Cybercrime offences which suggest the need for more robust cybersecurity frameworks and strategies to combat these frauds. The Shakti Room being one of its kind projects would not only act as a saviour for the women facing such issues but also enable, guide and educate women about how to tackle such crimes and take actions.



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