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CSR initiative to impart skill training for sustainable livelihoods to Tihar Jail inmates

New Delhi, India: Max Healthcare today announced the launch of the Max Skill Training Programme for Sustainable Livelihoods in a partnership with the country’s largest central prison, Tihar Jail. This is the first and largest ever corporate sector partnership with Tihar Jail for a skills training program in India, that aims to further the correctional reform journey for 1200 inmates. It aims to further strengthen the rehabilitation program at Tihar Jail that focuses on education, vocational training, and therapy to reduce recidivism rates and promote successful re-entry into society.
This is the first year of the Company’s CSR programme and will evolve over the coming years, with a clear focus on areas where it can deliver sustainable impact. The Max Skill Training programme is part of Max Healthcare’s CSR initiatives and is in line with the Government’s Skill India Mission. The job role for skill training has been identified as ‘Food and Beverage Steward’ under the Hospitality sector, after extensive deliberations with all stakeholders. The choice has been driven by job market opportunities, ease of training adaptation and fitment within the hospitality sector that makes for easier re-integration into society. The program participants will be jail inmates who are undertrials for minor crimes.
The duration of the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF) Level 4 course training programme will be 340-hours. The National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) will be the certifying agency. The trainings will be conducted in line with The Tourism & Hospitality Skill Council (THSC) guidelines. THSC appointed assessors will assess the candidates. Upon successful completion and certification, placement workshops, mock interviews will be organized for the 1200 trainees. Industry representatives will have the opportunity of interacting directly with the inmates, which is expected to foster huge trust amongst inmates about programme outcome.
According to Mr. Abhay Soi, Chairman & Managing Director, Max Healthcare Institute Ltd., “We are delighted to be able to partner Tihar Jail in the largest ever skill training program for jail inmates in India. We hope this will enable them to lead productive lives upon release and contribute to making society better, safer. Max Healthcare through its CSR programme, is committed to making a positive difference to underserved communities in the area of education and skill training.”
According to Shri Sanjay Baniwal, Director General, Delhi Prisons “We are happy to have Max Healthcare come onboard as our partners in one of the most unique and largest ever correctional reform programs anywhere in India. We began this program ‘Prarambh’ in February this year and am delighted to share that 94% of the inmates who were assessed for the programme were certified. The high success rate vindicates training quality and learning dedication of the participants. Initiatives like these have breathed new life into inmates’ hearts, who till now had felt hopelessness and despair. I am confident that Prarambh 2.0 in partnership with Max Healthcare that we have announced today, will inspire more inmates to join the programme, learn new skills and forge a new identity and future for themselves to re-integrate into society.”
The Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council will play a role in ensuring that the program aligns with the National Skills Qualification Framework guidelines. This certification and assessment process guarantees that participants receive qualifications of the highest standard. Trainees will be independently assessed as per guidelines by Tourism Hospitality Sector Skill council appointed assessors under the National Council for Vocational Education and Training guidelines.
The skill training initiative in Tihar Jail stands as the largest of its kind correctional reform initiatives anywhere in India that began in February 2023. It began as a joint collaboration of Urban development Ministry, Govt of India and Mission Convergence, Govt of National Capital Territory of Delhi.
Delhi Prisons has three Prison Complexes, one at Tihar being one of the largest prison complexes in the world, comprising of nine central prisons, second at Rohini and third one at Mandoli having 6 Central Jails. Delhi Prisons strive to reform, reintegrate and rehabilitate the prisoners in the society. The challenge before any Jail Administration is to make the imprisonment purposeful in every way for those who have to undergo the same. We begin, by attempting to minimize the suffering of a person who has been imprisoned by providing an efficient and transparent administration. Inmates are provided with the opportunity to use their time purposefully and constructively by learning new skills, pursuing education and resolving their inner conflicts. It is line with the been our endeavour to treat every prisoner in Delhi Prisons with dignity and respect.





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