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CSR: Coca-Cola India joins hands with Pondman of India to rejuvenate the Jalalabad Lake, on World Water Day

Coca-Cola India joins hands with Mr. RamveerTanvar,  known as the Pondman of India and his organisation, Say Earth, to rejuvenate and restore the Jalalabad lake, located in the village of Jalalabad, Ghaziabad. The initiative aims to improve the water quality of the lake and restore its ecosystem, providing a clean and healthy environment for the community. This initiative will be implemented in collaboration with local authorities, community leaders, and environmental experts.
The Jalalabad lake has been a significant source of water for the community for generations. Over the years, however, the quality of water has deteriorated due to various factors such as pollution, encroachment, and insufficient management. This initiative by Coca-Cola India helped address these issues and promote the sustainable use of water resources in the area.
Rajesh Ayapilla, Director, CSR and Sustainability, Coca-Cola India and Southwest Asia,said, “We are thrilled to launch this initiative aimed at restoring the Jalalabad lake. This project aligns with our commitment to promoting sustainable water management practices, and we hope it will help improve the lives of the local community.”
The water rejuvenation initiative involved a multi-faceted approach that incorporated identification and mitigation of pollution sources, restoration of lake ecology by introducing native species of plants and fishes, community education and awareness programs on water conservation, management and improved management of the lake through regular monitoring and maintenance.
RamveerTanvar, Founder, Say Earth and TEDx Speaker, said, “I am humbled to be a part of Coca-Cola India’s efforts towards uplifting communities and empowering them with sustainable practices. The team has worked tirelessly to develop and implement a customized plan that would address specific issues facing the lake. The success of the project will be a testament to the organization’s expertise and dedication to environmental conservation.”
This initiative will be led by the local community. By addressing water quality issues and enhancing the ecosystem, the project will contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of the community. Coca-Cola India is committed towards replenishing groundwater and building water sustainability practices through efficient water management practices. The company continues its work towards environmental conservation, ecological restoration and sustainability and are looking forward to future projects that will contribute to a better, shared future.
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