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Non-profit organisation introduces Mobile Eye Clinics in Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, and Delhi

CBM India Mobile Eye Clinic
CBM India, a non-profit organisation for persons with disabilities, introduces mobile eye clinics to improve eye health in the country. This bridges the gap in accessibility to eye care treatment or screenings, especially in remote India. These mobile eye clinics are introduced in Tamil Nadu, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, and rural pockets of Delhi.
These clinics provide vital services like refraction assessment, cataract screenings, glaucoma treatment, and diabetic retinopathy screenings. CBM India’s mobile eye clinics are creating awareness at the community level and making it easier for women, persons with disabilities, and older people to get the medical services they need in their vicinity. In the last year alone, CBM India has reached an impressive 1,18,045 individuals through their mobile eye clinics, of which 53% were women and over 6% were persons with disabilities. This remarkable milestone exemplifies CBM India’s unwavering commitment to bridging gaps and building equitable healthcare for all.
Dr Sara Varughese, Managing Trustee of CBM India, expressed her enthusiasm for the impactful work, stating, “Our mobile eye clinics represent a critical step towards ensuring that no one is left behind in accessing quality healthcare. By bringing essential eye care services directly to communities, we are not only addressing an urgent need but also empowering individuals, particularly women, persons with disabilities, and older individuals, to take control of their eye health.”
Since its inception, CBM India has stood as a cornerstone of VISION 2020, playing a pivotal role in uniting people to tackle the hurdles linked with visual impairment. Their steadfast commitment has been instrumental in advancing the broader mission of VISION 2020. The recent 17th national conference stands as a powerful testament to CBM India’s unwavering dedication towards eradicating avoidable blindness and championing inclusive eye care, ultimately leading to a substantial improvement in the lives of countless individuals worldwide.
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