Home Press Release CSR project in collaboration with Ashray Foundation implemented in Himachal Pradesh

CSR project in collaboration with Ashray Foundation implemented in Himachal Pradesh

Canara HSBC Life Insurance CSR
Project Cheer – Urja, an environmental sustainability initiative of Canara HSBC Life Insurance, in collaboration with Ashray Foundation, has initiated production of green energy from pine needles in the form of briquettes – a biofuel. The production unit has been set up in Tepar village, Panarsa, Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh, marking a significant milestone within the region’s efforts toward green energy solutions.
The inauguration of production plant was attended by members of the NGO partner, District Forest Officer, Canara Bank officials, the Gram Panchayat members, women from Self Help Groups, and local youth, highlighting the collaborative effort and diverse community involvement in the project. Project Cheer-Urja addresses multiple social and environmental challenges simultaneously by harnessing the potential of pine needles.
 At its heart, this project thrives on the strength of local community women and self-help groups, elevating them as pillars of sustainable change. Engaging and empowering through decision-making and eco-friendly product training, ‘Cheer-Urja’ is more than an initiative; it’s a promise for a greener, empowered future.
With technical support from IIT Mandi, the unit produces 4 tons of briquettes in 8 hours, positively impacting the environment. The project’s holistic approach includes capacity building for self-help groups, youth engagement, and financial awareness, making it a beacon of sustainable community development.
Talking about the collaboration, Ms. Kiran Yadav, Chief People Officer said, ‘‘’Cheer-Urja’ project is a transformative approach towards providing local livelihoods through pine needle collection and skill-enhancement. Through conversion of pine needles into clean biofuel, we not only plan to extinguish forest fires but also safeguard precious natural resources, ensuring biodiversity conservation and climate sustainability.’’
Ms. Jenisha Dharani, Director – Programs, Ashray Foundation said, ‘‘Our collaboration with Canara HSBC Life Insurance signifies a joint commitment to environmental preservation and development of Himachal Pradesh. ‘Cheer-Urja’ is a living testament to the strength found in community engagement and sustainable solutions. By harnessing the potential of pine needles, which are often seen as waste, we are empowering women and creating lasting job opportunities within the city.
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