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CSR: Recycled plastic benches at Ayodhya in Nagar Nigam and Ram Mandir under Greener Promise initiative ‘Bench of Dreams’

Ayodhya Bisleri
Bisleri International, a pioneer in environmental sustainability today inaugurated 25 benches made of recycled plastic at Ayodhya in Nagar Nigam and Ram Mandir, Uttar Pradesh. This is in continuation to its ‘Bench of Dreams’ initiative where 1,000 recycled benches have been committed Pan India. The benches were inaugurated by Shri. Santosh Kumar Sharma, IAS, Municipal Commissioner Cum CEO Ayodhya Teerth Kshetra of Ayodhya and Shri. Girish Pati Tripathi, Mayor of Nagar Nigam, Ayodhya, on April 01, 2024.
Speaking at the inauguration, Shri. Santosh Kumar Sharma, IAS, said, “I’m thrilled to join this initiative. Our aim is to elevate Ayodhya as a prominent Tirth city on the global stage. Efforts like these contribute to our mission’s sustainability, amplifying its impact and reach to make a plastic free Ayodhya”.
Commenting on the initiative, Shri. Girish Pati Tripathi, Mayor of Nagar Nigam, Ayodhya said, “It is indeed an honour to unveil these benches crafted from recycled plastic, a campaign spearheaded by Bisleri. As climate change remains a pressing concern globally, initiatives like these underscores the importance of collective action. I wholeheartedly endorse initiatives dedicated to forging a mindful and sustainable future for both India and Ayodhya.”
Each bench is constructed from around 60 kilograms of recycled plastic, showcasing Bisleri’s commitment towards establishing a circular economy through the transformation of plastic waste into practical products for daily use.
Mr. K Ganesh, Director – Sustainability & Corporate Affairs, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd added, “At Bisleri, we believe in turning challenges into opportunities. We are committed to supporting the Ayodhya Nagar Nigam in maintaining the tranquil environment of this sacred destination. Through our latest initiative, we’re not just providing aesthetically pleasing seating options but also championing environmental sustainability. By repurposing plastic waste into durable benches, we’re not only creating functional solutions but also fostering a circular economy.”
A committed team of skilled workers along with Nagar Nigam will diligently oversee waste management at these sites, ensuring the correct segregation and disposal of plastic waste. This will bolster awareness among devotees, enhancing the effectiveness of the initiative.
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