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CSR: Bikers’ Group, NGO and IT Company benefit the children of Ladakh’s Hanle village

Hanle, Ladakh: In a unique collaboration, the noted Royal Bikers (RB) Group, partnered with Noora Aman Foundation (NAF), an acclaimed NGO, and Giesecke & Devrient MS India (G&D), a leading Gurgaon-based IT company, to launch a heart-warming CSR initiative “Let’s Spread Warmth” for the people of Hanle, Laddakh. Through the “Let’s Spread Warmth” initiative, the three institutions have embarked upon an important mission of installing a solar-powered room heating system in the school hostel with the aim to provide a warm and comfortable learning environment for the children of Hanle.
Hanle is located at an altitude of over 14,000 feet above sea level, newcomers often grapple with health issues like altitude sickness and fatigue.The thoughtful step is of critical importance for the children of Hanle, considering the awe-inspiring landscapes of Ladakh is also characterised by extreme weather, high altitude, and isolation. The installation drive for solar-powered room heating system will create a comfortable learning environment, even during the harshest weather conditions, ensuring that children can pursue their education without the threat of dropping out due to the frigid climate.
The “Let’s Spread Warmth” project is led by Royal Bikers (RB), a motorcycle touring company, and operationalized by NooraAman Foundation (NAF), which is actively involved in various initiatives aimed at promoting education, skill development, vocational training, and women’s empowerment, and funded by Giesecke & Devrient MS India (G&D).

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Manish Bhaskar, Founder of Royal Bikers, and Mr. Rajendra Prasad, Co-founder- Royal Bikers, expressed, “Understanding the challenges of Hanle’s residents during our annual motorcycle trips, we recognized the need for better facilities to encourage school children to complete their education. Since 2019, we have been working towards assembling a sustainable heating system. We are grateful to our sponsors and the riding community who recognized the importance of this project and supported us, turning our vision into reality.”
Sharing about their association with the initiative, Mr. Farooq Ahmad Sheikh, Chairman, and Mr. Ajaz Ahmad Sheikh, Founder, Noora Aman Foundation, said, “We are delighted to be able to work on the “Let’s Spread Warmth” project, at the Govt. High School, Hanle, Ladakh. The unique initiative would provide a warm and comfortable learning environment for students in this cold and high-altitude region, ensuring their well-being and enhancing their educational experience.”
On the occasion, Mr Naresh Rao- Vice President, Giesecke & Devrient MS India Pvt Ltd, said,“We are thrilled to be a part of this unique collaboration. The effort is truly noble and G&D’s sponsorship not only showcases the company’s ethos but also exemplifies its dedication to creating meaningful change in communities. We believe in the transformative potential of education and are willing to step forward and make a difference.”
With sub-zero temperatures and heavy snowfall, life in Hanle becomes an everyday struggle during the harsh winter months. Hanle’s remoteness, with the nearest major town, Leh, approximately 250+ kilometers away, makes access to essential services and transportation a considerable challenge.Basic amenities such as healthcare facilities, schools, and markets are scarce in Hanle, compelling residents to travel long distances for essential services.Essential resources like clean water and electricity are limited and not available around the clock.
The “Let’s Spread Warmth” initiative underscores the importance of quality education and a comfortable learning environment for children in Hanle. With an alarmingly low literacy rate in the region, it is crucial to ensure that children have the opportunity to complete their education.
This project serves as a beacon of hope for Hanle’s future generation and the region’s overall development. Spread warmth, hope, and education in the cold deserts of Ladakh, this initiative showcases the tangible impact achieved through the collaborative efforts of Royal Bikers, Noora Aman Foundation, and Giesecke & Devrient MS India Pvt Ltd., reflecting their unwavering commitment to the betterment of Hanle’s future.




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