Home Press Release CSR: Biesse Group demonstrates commitment towards Skill-Building in the Manufacturing sector

CSR: Biesse Group demonstrates commitment towards Skill-Building in the Manufacturing sector

Biesse, a pioneer in designing and manufacturing machines, has been demonstrating its leadership in the industry with initiatives to support skill development in the manufacturing sector. In line with this commitment, Biesse has donated a Rover Gold 1232 CNC Machine & CAD/CAM software for advanced training to Hettich Poddar Woodworking Institute (HPWWi), Faridabad. Biesse had earlier also donated 1 Panel Saw & 2 Through-Feed Edge Banding machines as part of the previous collaboration with the institute.
The machine donation is a part of reinforcement of their commitment with an MoU signing & exchange at DelhiWood 2023 (one of the biggest trade fairs in woodworking machinery & furniture production technologies in India) and their ongoing efforts to promote education and training in the manufacturing industry. The company believes that skill building is an essential part of any industry’s growth and development, and it is committed to supporting initiatives that promote this.
Apart from the machine donation, Biesse, as a Skill Ambassador in the Furniture & Fittings Skill Council (FFSC), is also committed to supporting the skilling ecosystem in India. One of its initiatives is to support the National Skill Training Institute (NSTI), Kolkata, in developing advanced woodworking courses. Biesse also aims to work with Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE)/ and the Institute of Wood Science and Technology (IWST) to submit project proposals for woodworking technologies in different Forest Development Corporations and Common Facility Centres.
Furthermore, Biesse also provides training programmes for professionals and students in various educational institutes, such as the Advanced Woodworking Training Centre (AWTC) in Bangalore. The company is also involved in a Train the Trainer (ToT) initiative in AWTC/IWST for various ITIs across India. Additionally, Biesse is committed to supporting AWTC/IWST in training technicians and carpenters from Naval DockYard, MEG, IAF, and PSU’s. Through these initiatives, Biesse aims to equip learners with the necessary skills to excel in the manufacturing industry, contributing to the growth of the skilling ecosystem in India.
“India is the 5th largest manufacturer in the world and accounts for roughly 3 percent of global manufacturing output. However, there is a clear dearth of talent and abilities, with approximately 90% of the workforce in the furniture industry being unemployed. In order to meet this demand, we as an industry leader are committed to investing in education and skill building to ramp up growth and development in the industry,” said Sayeed Ahmed, CEO of Biesse India.
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