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CSR Initiative to Support and Empower Araku Tribal Farmers in Andhra Pradesh

Ayekart, a leading Food and Agri-FinTech and an integrated digital platform empowering Farmers/FPOs and MSMEs in the food and agri value chain, has partnered with CCL Products (India) Ltd., a renowned Instant Coffee Manufacturer, to bring positive change to the lives of indigenous tribal farmers in the picturesque Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh. A step forward to Ayekart’s existing initiatives in the region for the past couple of years, this collaboration aims to uplift the coffee farming community and enhance their livelihoods by providing essential tools and resources.
Ayekart’s collaboration with these tribal farmers began in 2021 through the FPO – Visakha Manayam Farmer Producer Company Limited. Extensive training programs for the farmers focused on modern production and processing techniques were conducted. These programs included the utilisation of baby pulpers, proper drying techniques on elevated platforms, accurate measurement of moisture levels, and digital weighing of produce.
The partnership between Ayekart and Visakha Manayam Farmer Producer Company Limited has made a substantial social impact on the lives of indigenous tribes of the Araku Valley by equipping these farmers with the knowledge and resources required to secure fair prices and improve their livelihoods. As a result of these efforts, approximately 1,000 farmers have experienced improved income and enjoyed an enhanced quality of life in the previous coffee season.
Ashutosh Singh, COO and Co-Founder of Ayekart remarked, “We are elated to have successfully conducted extensive GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) training, encouraged collective bargaining and value-addition initiatives with the local tribal farmers through Visakha Manayam Farmer Producer Company Limited. By equipping these farmers with modern techniques and resources, we are helping farmers achieve higher yields and are also improving their income and preserving their unique heritage. Moreover, our collaboration is a testament to our dedication to sustainable development and improving the livelihoods of those in need. We believe that together, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact in Araku, fostering a brighter future for the local communities.” On the partnership with CCI, Mr Singh further added, “We are excited to partner with CCL in our shared commitment to uplift the tribal farming communities in Araku. The collaboration between Ayekart and CCL stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnership and innovation in improving the lives of small-scale farmers.
The Araku Valley is renowned for its Arabica Parchment and cherry coffee cultivation, serving as the primary source of income for the indigenous tribes residing in the region. Despite the region’s rich and fertile lands, commitment to organic farming practices, and the unique quality of its coffee, the farmers have long struggled to achieve fair pricing and economic stability. Intermediaries and local traders often exploit their vulnerability, leaving them with minimal income to support their families.
Praveen Jaipuriar, CEO of CCL Products (India) Ltd., expressed, “At CCL, we believe that businesses are responsible for uplifting the communities. Our collaboration with Ayekart in Araku Valley reflects our commitment to sustainable development, and we are proud to contribute to empowering these dedicated tribal farmers.”
With a rich history of 3 decades, CCL Products (India) Ltd is one of the finest and most exquisite instant coffee manufacturers in the world. The company has successfully built a business with integrity, commitment, customer orientation, and consistent effort towards upholding the highest standards in the industry.
The upcoming coffee season is set to commence in November, with this year’s season slightly ahead of schedule. To mark this occasion and support the farmers, Ayekart and CCL distributed tarpaulins and baby pulpers, generously provided by CCL as part of their CSR activity and other ongoing initiatives.
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