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Launch of CSR Initiatives Advancing Women’s Empowerment ahead of International Women’s Day

Amazon India
Ahead of international Women’s Day, Amazon India today announced several key initiatives as part of its ongoing commitment to women’s empowerment, focusing on menstrual hygiene, entrepreneurship development, digital financial literacy, and social entitlement awareness.
These include a) ensuring easy access to sanitary napkins and safe disposal of menstrual waste in schools, benefiting over 1900 adolescent girls across 19 schools, b) conducting entrepreneurship development training for women entrepreneurs involved in advanced sanitary napkin manufacturing units, equipping them with the necessary skills for self-sustainability, c) launching a digital financial literacy program reaching out to over 2000 women from underserved communities, empowering them with the knowledge and skills needed for financial independence, d) Community camps to raise awareness and facilitate enrolment in social entitlement schemes, with a focus on promoting schemes that empower women and girls.
“These initiatives underscore Amazon India’s commitment to empowering women across the country through financial inclusion, access to resources, and education, contributing to a more equitable and prosperous society. We firmly believe that these programs will not only improve the well-being of women but also contribute to building a more inclusive and equitable culture across our communities,” said Dr. Karuna Shankar Pande, Director – Last Mile Operations, Amazon India.
Amazon India has provided numerous opportunities for women across its ecosystem, including Seller Partners, Operations Network Partners, Community Beneficiaries, Employees, and Associates, all of whom play crucial roles in positively impacting Amazon’s diverse customer base throughout the country. The company has made significant strides in introducing various benefits, programs, and initiatives to empower women both within and outside its organization. These efforts reflect Amazon’s dedication to women’s empowerment and its unwavering commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within its ecosystem culture, thereby enhancing the overall Amazon experience.
In reaffirmation of its commitment to women’s empowerment, Amazon India launches the third edition of the #SheIsAmazon campaign on the occasion of the 49th International Women’s Day, under the theme #InspireInclusion. This campaign highlights 49 distinct programs, initiatives, and benefits implemented by various entities within Amazon to empower women both within and beyond the company. These initiatives have played a significant role in advancing women’s professional journeys and stand as symbols of Amazon’s dedication to their empowerment.
Recently, Amazon India announced the launch of Women in Night Shifts (WINS) at one of its large Sort Centre in Haryana. In addition to Amazon’s existing initiatives, WINS is designed to provide a safe and supportive work environment for women, ensuring equal opportunities for both men and women to work in various shifts, and championing inclusivity for all. Amazon has implemented various measures aimed at enhancing the safety and well-being of its associates. These measures include improved facility lighting, provision of escorted pick-up and drop services, running gender sensitization trainings, deployment of female staff in supervisory and support roles, and conducting sessions with safety experts to address the unique challenges associated with working in night shifts.
Through these efforts, Amazon India seeks to address the unique challenges faced by women and girls in India, promoting their economic independence, social inclusion, and access to education and resources. Recognizing the importance of fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion within its operations. The company continues to invest in programs and policies that promote gender diversity at all levels of the organization, from recruitment and hiring practices to leadership development and advancement opportunities.
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