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CSR to Improve Water Governance and Management for Upliftment of Rural Communities Across the Nation

ACC, the cement and building material company of the diversified Adani Group, has taken a transformative yet sustainable approach to improve the quality of life in India’s villages through water and land management. By conserving and managing water and soil resources, the company aims to regenerate degraded landscapes, conserve biodiversity, enhance crop production, and expand sustainable livelihood opportunities. It recognizes that effective water governance is crucial in achieving these goals.  
ACC has been able to promote ecosystem-based integrated watershed development and facilitate efficient water management through the numerous water stewardship initiatives undertaken by them. One of the key activities include the construction and repair of 32 dams and counting. In addition, they also constructed 72 gabion structures to help prevent erosion and promote soil conservation. 
ACC has also focused on excavation and de-siltation of ponds, naalas, and rivers and have completed 59 such projects under this category. Moreover, they also constructed 1,400 metres of irrigation channels that act as reliable sources of water supply to agricultural lands. To further enhance water storage capacity, the company has constructed around 55 structures of water storage tanks and farm ponds. They have also constructed 17 recharge pits and ditches to facilitate groundwater recharge and prevent water runoff. 
ACC has achieved remarkable outcomes and impact under the water governance and management initiative. This includes development of water harvesting capacity of 19,57,574 cubic meters, which benefits 12,852 farmers and 41,184 individuals. Moreover, 5,356 hectares of land have come under irrigation, enabling farmers to improve agricultural productivity and secure their livelihoods. ACC has also contributed to the recharging of 391 bore wells and wells, further ensuring the availability of water resources for the community. 
Mr. Ajay Kapur, CEO, Cement Business, said, “We believe that sustainable water governance and management is pivotal in addressing the existential threat rural communities’ face due to climate change. We have taken significant steps to not only conserve and manage water and soil resources, but also to revitalise degraded landscapes and protect biodiversity.  There is a deep sense of satisfaction in knowing that we are making a positive impact on the lives of farmers and communities through initiatives such as ecosystem-based integrated watershed development and proficient water management. 
ACC and Adani Foundation remain committed to water conservation, sustainable land management, and effective water governance, and continues to lead the way in improving the quality of life in India’s villages. 
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