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55,000+ volunteers make an impact by investing time and expertise towards projects for skilling and conserving the environment

Impact day
Deloitte India recently celebrated its 21st annual Impact Day. Impact Day is a culmination of year-long volunteering efforts and is driven by volunteers, spanning across all career levels and professional domains. Volunteer project leaders select causes they are committed to and collaborate with internal teams and non-profit organisations to plan day-long programmes.
Volunteer team members register for projects that resonate with their interests and devote one working day toward making an impact that matters to them.
Impact Day goes a long way in giving them a broader world view, building leadership and organisational skills, and making volunteers more empathetic and sensitive in dealing with diverse groups of people and their unique needs. Moreover, it contributes towards volunteers having well-rounded careers that are driven by a strong sense of purpose, as they grow and form the foundations of their future.
“Impact Day has evolved to become one of our most enduring traditions. Firstly, most of the projects are aligned with our world-wide priorities of education and skill-building, as well as mitigating factors leading to climate change. Secondly and importantly, it’s one of the core elements of our talent experience. Amongst volunteers, Impact Day provides a platform where empathy can be translated to involvement and potentially a meaningful long-term commitment to deserving causes,” says PN Sudarshan, Partner and Corporate Responsibility Leader, Deloitte India.
“We encourage that by enabling our people to set aside up to 20 working hours a year for such endeavours, over and above Impact Day,” he adds.
“Impact Day is one of the ways to demonstrate our commitment of making an impact that truly matters. Each year, our professionals volunteer with several non-profits on this day, with a collective goal to drive positive change in our local communities.” says Kent Francois, Regional Managing Principal, Deloitte LLP.
This year, project themes include education and skills, empowerment, healthcare, animal welfare, and sustainability.
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