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Commvault CSR Initiative Donates The Blue Bus to Feed 2,000 School Students Every Day

Commvault, a global data management and data protection company, has partnered with Akshaya Patra Foundation to provide nutritious meals to school children studying in Government & Government-aided schools across India.
The food distribution vehicle called The Blue Bus, donated by Commvault, will help Akshaya Patra to feed 2,000 students across 25 schools every day, located in and around Vrindavan (Mathura) in Uttar Pradesh.
The CSR partnership underlines Commvault’s commitment to give back to the communities we work and live in, by supporting numerous causes such as, reducing global hunger, promoting education, providing technological resources and championing equality.
Commvault recognizes the role we can all play in driving people, communities and planet towards a brighter tomorrow. Through initiatives such as Teach for India, Wellness Warriors and more, they foster the belief that operating in a fiscally, environmentally, and socially responsible manner is more than a responsibility – it is a priority.
The blue bus is a customised transport vehicle specially designed to deliver food that is packed in stainless steel 304 Grade vessels, which can keep food hot and fresh even when the distance between the source and destination is over 40 kilometres. Vessels are designed to avoid spillage and the design of the vehicle ensures optimum use of space for carrying sufficient quantities of all the items on the menu.
“We, at Commvault, are intentional about real-life priorities and take nothing for granted. The pandemic has impacted millions, especially children, causing severe hunger and malnutrition, to the most vulnerable. Given this we are proud to support Akshaya Patra as they deliver essential nutrition for our children’s overall growth and development as they go back to school,” said Ramesh Kalanje, Vice President, Center of Excellence, Commvault.
“Our goal is to eliminate classroom hunger and attract more children to schools by feeding a filling, nutritious mid-day meal, every school day. The food distribution vehicle enables us to deliver hopes, dreams and of course, smiles with the meals that it carries to numerous schools across the country,” said Madhu Pandit Das, Chairman, Akshaya Patra Foundation.
“We make conscious and collaborative decisions to reinvest in our communities. Only by taking the opportunities– from healthcare or education to sustainability or sanitation – can we really do this. It is the embodiment of what our values mean in reality,” said Ramesh Mamgain, Country Manager-India & SAARC, Commvault.

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