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Ciena inaugurated ‘Advanced Technology Lab’ at Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School in Chogawan

Bharti Foundation (the philanthropic arm of Bharti Enterprises) in partnership with Ciena inaugurated ‘Advanced Technology Lab’ at Satya Bharti Senior Secondary School, Chogawan, Punjab. The lab in the Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary school under the Public-Private Partnership model in Chogawan government school will benefit the students and further stimulate their interest in science and technology.
The programme curriculum aims to introduce these students to the world of advanced technology by improving their general understanding as well as providing hands-on experience of programming and digital tools. With Ciena’s global experience and expertise in leveraging Information and Communications Technology (ICT), this programme will provide knowledge in the areas of new technologies, coding, programming and robotics to name a few. Through these classes, students will learn the basics of programming; it will also enhance their 21st century skills and further inspire the students to pursue a career in Science and Technology.
Ciena is supporting Bharti Foundation with two ‘Advanced Technology Labs’, the second lab is at Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary School Fattubhila, Punjab. They are also supporting with ‘Digital Classrooms’ in Satya Bharti Elementary/Primary Schools five in Punjab and five in Haryana.
Ryan Perera, Vice President and Country Head, Ciena said, “At Ciena, we are committed to improving educational opportunities for young students around the world through the use of ICT. The program with Bharti Foundation aims to inspire and equip children to approach technology and problem-solving by creating an open atmosphere for learning, where instructors share their enthusiasm for STEM, thus inspiring children to participate in future technological studies. The project highlights Ciena’s commitment to supporting access to education for students everywhere and leveraging ICT to enhance learning outcomes.”
Speaking on the occasion, Mamta Saikia, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “Technological interventions at the school level enhances the analytical skills of students. Use of advanced technology in the classroom is one of the dependable way to teach students the required skills and prepare them for the future. I would like to thank Ciena for partnering with us in this initiative and provide this exciting learning opportunity to the students that they would not have access to otherwise. Working in the advanced technology projects will also help students to improve their problem solving, team-work and decision making skills.”

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