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Ciena will facilitate Digital Classrooms and Advance Technology Labs in Satya Bharti Schools of Punjab & Haryana

With the use of technology at a sudden surge and innovations unfolding every minute, having access to and being familiar with digital tools has become a prerequisite for any career choice. To equip under-resourced children with the necessary skills for the future, Bharti Foundation, the CSR arm of Bharti Enterprises, is partnering with Ciena to establish new Digital Classrooms and Advanced Technology Labs programmes in Punjab and Haryana.
Through its Digital Inclusion programme, Ciena will provide the technology and resources to hire local trainers, to be rolled out before the April 2021 school session resumes.
For young students in rural communities to gain greater exposure to digital learning, the inaugural Digital Classrooms project will use educational technology and devices provided by Ciena to support teaching sessions at 10 primary and elementary Satya Bharti schools in Punjab and Haryana. This arrangement will help to ensure classrooms have the latest technology available so that students can build computer skills and be exposed to more immersive learning opportunities.
The Advanced Technology Labs programme will give students a hands-on experience with robotics and gaming at two Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary Schools in Punjab. Ciena will provide 3D modeling kits and printers, laptops, and resources to hire trainers. This will give students preparing for college or others looking to move directly into a career in technology the ability to develop analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills while exercising creativity and teamwork.
Ryan Perera, Vice President and Country Head, Ciena India said, “There are many gaps in the skills and tools students in rural communities need to succeed and thrive in a digital world. Ciena’s Digital Inclusion program is committed to fostering digital inclusion and expanding opportunities for under-resourced students in our communities. Together with the Bharti Foundation, we are creating a more tech-savvy learning atmosphere to inspire students as they pursue limitless opportunities.”
Mamta Saikia, CEO, Bharti Foundation said, “It has been Bharti Foundation’s continuous endeavour to support holistic and quality education. We strongly believe that every student should be equipped, inspired, and empowered to pursue their passion. The Advanced Technology Labs which will be developed with Ciena’s support will give exposure in Robotics, block-based programming and 3D printing. It is a need of the hour to integrate and embed courses that support science, mathematics and computer skills for students into the very curriculum. Digital Classrooms will allow teachers to use interactive, multimedia content and educational apps in our classrooms.”

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