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Sadly We Have Received No Help From Corporate Houses: Chitra Iyer, COO, My Financial Advisor

Chitra Iyer in conversation with The wp Journal on how a few prevalent and pressing causes need recurring expenditure and does not always receive support. Chitra is a staunch supporter of differently abled children, autism in particular. She elaborates the manner where we need a setup to support and accommodate differently abled children, as...

In conversation with Pearl Tiwari, President (CSR & Sustainability), Ambuja Cements Limited

Pearl Tiwari, , President (wp & Sustainability), Ambuja Cements Limited in an honest conversation with The wp Journal talks about wp at Ambuja Cement Foundation. The foundation has a strength of 130 employees for wp projects at 21 locations in India and another 350 people who work on project basis. Straightforward in her chat,...

We Need To Connect The Dots Amongst Various Initiatives: Dhimant Bhayani, Founder & CEO, iRevo

There is a huge shift in consumer behaviour where applications are being used increasingly, as there is an App for everything these days. Apps when used on small screen devices, lack a PC or big screen TV experience. The iRevo Smart PC device connects to a TV screen to make any TV a PC, with the...

CSR Is Not A Marketing Campaign That Delivers Short-Term Results: Bhasker Sharma, India Giving Manager At Dell

Technology leader, Dell Inc. is well known for its presence in the IT industry. In an interview with The CSR Journal, Bhasker Sharma, India Giving Manager at Dell, shares his views about their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and how CSR is impacting communities and improving lives.  What are the activities undertaken by Dell...

In conversation with Shashi Shetty, Chairman, All Cargo Logistics

Talking to The wp Journal, Mr Shashi Shetty from All Cargo Logistics talks about the role of cleanliness and environment for a better India. He elaborates on the wp activities of the company in varied sectors.

In conversation with Prerna Langa, CEO, Yes Foundation

Prerna Langa, CEO of Yes Foundation shares how they thought of tapping the power and strength of Indian youth by involving them into something the youth is excited about- making movies. Speaking to The wp Journal, she also spoke about how promptly we need the shift in mind set for a better India.

In conversation with Sharad Kachalia, Director, Navnit Motors

Sharad Kachalia, Director, Navnit Motors in a chat with Pooja Domadia from The wp Journal talks about social activities the company is involved in. He believes that wp is not merely sharing a part of the profit with society but is essentially a responsibility towards society that every person has.

CSR Mandate Should Have Been A Pre-Tax Spend: Paul Abraham

“Commitment is needed from more than one level of management and employee involvement is absolutely paramount. There is a certain amount of regulation required in the Indian working system but legal supervision can become draconian”, says Paul Abraham, COO, IndusInd Bank, while in conversation with The CSR Journal. In India, we have a vague...

CSR Can’t Be A Separate Corner Office: Yes’s Prerana Langa

ENTHUSED by the overwhelming response to the Yes Foundation’s national challenge to make short films on social issues in 101 hours (starting this Independence Day), Prerana Langa, CEO, Yes Foundation, the CSR arm of Yes Bank, tells The CSR Journal’s Raksha Shetty how the campaign ‘makes social change more experiential’ and personally, how the...

In conversation with Nadir Godrej, MD Godrej Industries

Godrej Group has been one of the pioneers of Indian business industry. The group has its presence in various sectors from locks to realty, FMCG products and many more in the business arena, and environment sustainability, education, healthcare, etc. in the social approach. Mr Nadir Godrej, MD of Godrej Industries, who is a poet...

It is our moral responsibility to make sure that society grows with the organisational growth: Sanjay Behl

Sanjay Behl, CEO, Raymond Ltd talks about Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) at Raymond Group and also expresses his views on the national wp norms. As the CEO, Behl is actively involved in the wp activities of the corporate house. He believes, that if each corporate works in skill training and social upliftment in their...

Mandate Is Good Because As Indians We Remember Our Rights But Forget Our Responsibilites: Arunab Kumar

Arunabh Kumar is the CEO of The Viral Fever (TVF),  India's first Youtube channel for original content to cross a million subscribers. In conversation with The wp Journal, he highlights the need to put the youth in the driver's seat to get them actively involved in wp to bring about the desired change. Any activity...

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