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It is better to abide by the laws than trying ways to circumvent them: Dr Rashneh Pardiwala, CERE


Dr Rashneh Pardiwala is an environmentalist and a CSR consultant by profession. An Ecologist from the University of Edinburgh, she has specialised in the field of ‘Climate Change’. After finishing her master’s degree and before starting her PhD in Scotland, she came to India for a field project. That experience, she recalls was very empowering. She realised that she could contribute towards changing lives of others. During her field visit, she applied her knowledge to realistic use which was earlier confined to books. This experience made her return to India and work on creating scientific data to drive environmental movements here. In 2005, she was recognized as one of the youngest ‘Social Entrepreneur for Change’ and was awarded the Ashoka Fellowship. In 2009, in Tokyo, Japan, Dr Pardiwala was selected as one of Asia’s 21 Young Leaders and conferred the Asia Society Fellowship. In 2011, she was selected from India as a participant at the Swedish Institute Management Program with corporate responsibility and sustainability as an all-embracing focus.