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CSR Has to Come From the Backroom to the Boardroom: Dr.Bhaskar Chatterjee, Former Director General & CEO, IICA

Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General and CEO, IICA, is the brainchild behind the 2% CSR mandate in India. “Anything regulatory in nature is a problem. Therefore it is essential for the auditing mechanism to capture the last pie”, says Chatterjee. Additionally, corporates need to look at places requiring development in other states and beyond...

Uphold the Idea of Citizen’s Social Responsibility: Sushilkumar Shinde, Former Union Minister for Home Affairs

Shri Sushilkumar Shinde was the Minister of Home Affairs and the Leader of the house in Lok Sabha until May 2014. He previously served as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and has been an outstanding agent of change in every role that he has played. A passionate advocate for social impact. While speaking at The...

Growing Sustainably is a Challenge: Shridhar Venkat, Chief Executive Officer, Akshaya Patra

We need to sensitize corporate towards fulfilling the 2% mandate for Corporate Social Responsibility. In turn, the corporate need to instill a sense of trust in the operations. CSR is not only about cutting a cheque, but also being involved inorder to multiply it tenfold. “Connecting opportunities to outcome will lead to tangible outcomes....

Need to Transcend from Corporate Social Responsibility to Citizen Social Responsibility: Amit Upadhyay, Editor-in-Chief, The CSR Journal

Amit Upadhyay, Editor-in-Chief, The CSR Journal addressed the audience at SWAG (Social Welfare & Growth) Awards 2016. He highlighted the need to establish every individual's sense of duty towards society and nation. Below is the complete speech text. "Banaa kar faqiron ka ham bhes Ghalib Tamaashaa-e ahl-e karam dekhte hain !!! Ghalib, may have had a lot...

CSR Helps Create Engaged Employees: Sridhar Sarathy, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, TATA Capital

The few working areas TATA Capital has identified for their CSR activities are mainly Employability, Healthcare & Sanitation, Education and Environment. Sridhar Sarathy, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, TATA Capital speaks on the need to identify the right kind of projects, the target market that needs to be addressed inorder to make the desired...

Corporates Have To Justify Their Existence To The Society: Ashish Chauhan, BSE

Ashish Chauhan, MD & CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has held vital roles in his prior organisations like National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Reliance Group. Playing a crucial role at a platform for numerous corporate companies, Chauhan talks about CSR Exchange, CSR Index and social responsibility of firms. Thank you for going though the story...

CSR Mandate May Increase to 8-10% in Next 10 Years: Pratyush Panda, Head, CSR, ACC Cements

No plan can be executed without considering the needs of beneficiaries who are an important stakeholder. It is crucial to align business practices in line with sustainable methods for the environment. In conversation with The CSR Journal, Pratyush Panda, Head, CSR, ACC Cements says, “In the cement sector, all the competitors work together to...

CSR is not just about allocating funds, it is also about participation of individuals: Ramesh Iyer, Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.

Ramesh Iyer is the Vice Chairman & MD, of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd.  Speaking with The CSR Journal, he shares his views on CSR practices. Believer of the fact that CSR is beyond just spending money, he says involvement in activities for the betterment of society, energises him to work more. Thank you...

We Are A Food Company And It’s Our Privilege And Responsibility To Address The Issue Of World Hunger: Rahul Shinde, MD, KFC India

India is home to the largest undernourished and hungry population in the world. Moreover 3,000 plus children in India die every day from poor diet related illness or hunger. KFC India's CSR initiatives focus on addressing the issue of food and malnutrition for underprivileged children. In an interview with The CSR Journal, Rahul Shinde, Managing...

So The World May Hear: Rohit Misra, CEO, Starkey

Rohit Misra is the CEO of Starkey Labs and one of the Founders of Starkey Hearing Foundation. With a career spanning almost a decade at Starkey, Rohit has worked relentlessly to sensitise the civil society of the magnitude of impact of hearing disabilities.

Rules Take Away the Beauty of Socially Productive Work: Sibesh Sen, Tata AIG

Sibesh Sen, Vice President, Tata Academy & CSR of Tata AIG General Insurance believes that the government cannot do everything and so corporate firms should play their roles well. However, he also thinks that too much of monitoring would take away the charm of the social initiatives and would filter them to mere figures...

CSR Is Turning Focus Into Long Term Solutions and Not Knee-jerk Reactions: Naghma Mulla, COO, EdelGive Foundation

All stakeholders have to work towards bridging the gap, keeping in mind it is towards the benefit of the beneficiaries. Corporate houses are working towards projects, which were not spoken about a few years back. “We are so streamlined, we are so process oriented, that fine-tuning around the need of the beneficiary is something...

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