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New tools to simplify the life of researchers amid COVID-19

Cactus Communications, a technology company accelerating scientific advancement, announced the launch of R (researcher.life), an extensive integrated ecosystem of tools and support for academic researchers.
The ecosystem currently offers six tools and platforms, all designed to address a specific need or issue that researchers face. R Pubsure is an AI-powered platform that evaluates the submission readiness of research manuscripts and recommends suitable journals. R Discovery (beta) brings together the power of AI and the researcher community to help researchers conduct literature search faster and more intelligently. R Upskill is a learning platform with the largest collection of curated courses and handbooks for researchers. R Voice (beta) is a community platform that allows researchers to connect with other researchers over wide-ranging topics. An upcoming concept, R Fund, will allow researchers to find funding for their research in a timely manner.
In April this year, CACTUS had launched R Concept, a comprehensive AI-powered, curated platform on research, insights, commentary, and expert recommendations related to COVID-19. This offering is available in the R ecosystem.
Abhishek Goel, Co-founder and CEO of CACTUS, spoke on the motivation behind building this ecosystem: “Modern researchers have to fight to find time in the lab. Too much time is spent on writing, formatting, submitting, reviewing, discovery, planning lectures, and applying for grants—activities that take up valuable time of the very people who could be spending that time in the lab, solving real-world problems. We wanted to simplify things for researchers, a need that’s more pressing now than it has ever been.”
The ecosystem leverages the company’s AI, concept extraction, and deep learning capabilities. Earlier this year, the company had acquired UNSILO, a Demark-based AI startup, to enhance its repertoire of tech solutions.
The ecosystem will give members access to multiple tools and solutions seamlessly and effortlessly. PubSURE, which was earlier a standalone solution offered by CACTUS, has now been made available in the R ecosystem. Researchers who have signed up with PubSURE can now access the entire suite of R solutions and much more in terms of services, information, and connections.
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