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Bisleri CSR recycling project ‘Bottles for Change’ gets consent from local admin

Bisleri announced that North Delhi Municipal Corporation have given the consent and is supportive of CSR initiative ‘Bottles for Change’. This initiative has recycled more than 6500 tonnes of plastic and upto 17,423 kgs of clean plastic in Delhi (East and South), Noida and Ghaziabad areas in last 3 months under this programme.
This year as a part of the ‘Swachha Sarvekshan Abhiyan’, along with EDMC and SDMC, North Delhi Municipal Corporation too has partnered with Bisleri’s Bottle for Change to educate citizens about used plastic management and to make a habitual change in plastic disposing ways.
Out of the total communities in Delhi, 100 residents have enrolled in the programme and over 20,000 have been impacted in driving the awareness of plastic segregation in Delhi. People need to be educated on plastic being harmless to the environment as it has value and it is recyclable.

If every individual separately segregates all types of plastic after use and sends it for recycling, India could manage used plastic in better ways.

One of the core elements of this Abhiyan in Delhi, is sorting and segregation of plastic at source which is why SDMC, EDMC and now NDMC is also supporting Bisleri through Bottles for Change initiative. Together, they will create awareness on how to collect clean plastic followed by segregation of hard and soft plastic so that it can be used for recycled purpose.
Recycled plastic can be used in manufacturing various eco-friendly products such as soft toys, handbags, furniture, office accessories, windows, cloth fabric and many more. By disposing and recycling of plastic in an appropriate way, it gets a new life, preserves resources and energy and definitely keeps our planet healthy. This will have a huge impact on our environment.
The aim and the idea of this initiative is to change the mindset of each and every individual in India to make them responsible towards the environment, towards themselves and towards the community. This would help each society to maintain clean environment and a better place to live in.

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