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Bisleri Adopted High Tech Innovation to Design a First-of-its-kind Vertical Manufacturing Plant

Bisleri, industry leader and India’s most trusted mineral water brand, has showcased and designed first-of-its-kind vertical mineral water plant. The revolutionary manufacturing plant is located in Mumbai and reimagines architecture, technology and  packaging process.
The plant, which can produce almost 7.50 lac bottles of Bisleri per day is spread over 1.50 lac sq. ft. is designed across five levels. With best-in-class robotic machines, and unique vertical spiral conveyor system, it sets the benchmark for state of art technology. The fully automatic rotating blowing machines are assembled along with filling and labeling machines as a single block, leaving no scope for external exposure of the bottles during filling, capping, and labeling. The sophisticated machines make the production contactless and make Bisleri the safest mineral water. Bisleri is also the first brand in India to use recyclable colored outer shrink wrap for packaging the bottles. To ensure smooth and efficient movement of the packaged bottles, Bisleri commissioned a spiral conveyor system that is 400 meters long and covers 5 floors. During the manufacturing process, the Bisleri factory also minimizes water wastage to less than 1 percent.
Speaking about the state-of-the-art vertical manufacturing plant, Angelo George, CEO, Bisleri International Pvt. Ltd., said, “The plant is a result of the long-cherished dream of our visionary chairman, Mr. Ramesh Chauhan. The plant exemplifies how technology helps to utilize space efficiently in the manufacturing process. The vertical plant at our facility is truly futuristic and every bottle we produce at Bisleri is a statement of our commitment to provide the best for consumers. “
Each drop of Bisleri mineral water goes through a scientifically advanced, rigorous 10-step process. Moreover, the water goes through double ozonisation and 114 quality tests are carried out at various stages of production to ensure safety and purity. Bisleri mineral water goes through a process of mineralisation to add essential minerals like potassium and magnesium to provide health benefits.

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