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CSR News: Digital health platform helping 100 children manage diabetes

Digital health platform for diabetes management, BeatO today announced its CSR collaboration with the charity Saksham to adopt 100 children with Type 1 diabetes by the end of FY’21.
The company will assist children with diabetes management tools to be able to control their blood-sugar levels more efficiently. These tools include complimentary access to BeatO’s IoT devices (smartphone glucometer) and app ecosystem, along with. The company will also provide its technology dashboard to Saksham’s diabetes educator to timely manage and proactively intervene based on the childrens’ sugar readings taken through HealthNeuron, BeatO’s AI triaging system. The platform will educate their parents on effectively helping their children manage Type 1 diabetes.
Incepted under the guidance of Endocrinologist Dr. Beena Bansal (Ex-Director of Division of Endocrinology, Medanta), Saksham’s support team educates and enables individuals with Type 1 diabetes, as well as their caregivers to face life challenges with strength and intellect. This CSR partnership aims to extend technological support for self-management of diabetes, a chronic condition which requires constant commitment and care by the patient and their caretakers equally.
Given the social stigma associated with diabetes, especially in young children, this support will help the children manage their condition better, and hence respond to social situations and their environment more effectively.
Commenting on this partnership, Gautam Chopra, Co-Founder & CEO, BeatO said, “Type 1 Diabetes can be difficult for children to manage but, it does not have to be. Through this partnership we are looking forward to empowering children to manage their sugar levels easily with our connected devices and app and getting expert support when they need it the most. This will not only instil confidence in them that someone is there to help but also give them freedom from the stress of daily decision making.”
Through its HealthNeuron system, the platform is able to monitor people with Diabetes real time, and provide timely triggers for proactive intervention through specialists as soon as the system senses a need for this intervention.

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