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Sharmaji Ka Beta Keeps It Clean

Keep it Clean

Sharmaji ka beta does everything right. From getting into a top B-school, to securing a well paying job, he is an ideal son. He got married last week to a girl of his choice, named Susan. He had met Susan several months ago, when he went to Germany for a conference.

The junior Sharma brought his wife to his beautiful apartment in the best suburbs of Bombay. The home was beautiful, spacious and spotlessly clean. However, there was a foul odour Susan could smell at some distance from her kitchen window. It was an open dump, right ahead of their oh so perfect home. This was her first introduction to India. A country where houses are clean but the streets are unbelievably sullied.

The smart chap that he was, Sharma read his wife’s expressions. He was a responsible citizen, and would never litter the road himself. However, he considered that as an end of his responsibility. It was when he saw the same view with foreign eyes, did he realize how wrong he was.

Sharma has now joined the cleanliness drive. He has taken up the responsibility of educating the people in his locality, the importance of cleanliness and being active to maintain that.

Sharmaji’s chest is swollen with pride for his quintessential son. “You all should follow my son”, he said. Don’t wait for your father to ask: Why can’t you be more like Sharmaji ka beta?

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