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Rohit Shelatkar, VP, Vitabiotics Ltd. & Founder, Grand Maratha Foundation


Effective Use of Resources for Better Philanthropy

Philanthropy, especially when it comes to providing relief to individuals affected by a disaster, isn’t simply about having good intentions. It is about having the foresight and knowhow to understand the many nuances of the situation and create a real impact. In order to do so, it is extremely important to know in precise...

When Just Philanthropy Is Not Enough

The modern definition of philanthropy describes it as a private initiative, which is used for the public good and is focussed on improving the quality of life. It is a noble effort and is one that brings relief and joy to a large sect of underprivileged citizens. India has maintained a strong philanthropic momentum,...

An Entrepreneurial Perspective on Philanthropy

Philanthropy is an age-old concept that has benefitted millions of people across the world. Spanning a range of crucial social issues, philanthropic causes have long since brought notice to and increased participation for the same. Earlier philanthropic activities were carried out solely by the wealthy, in the form of monetary donations. While well-meaning, this...

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