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No Smoking

Sharmaji Ka Beta – Why Smoke?

Sharmaji ka beta is a sensible person. He knows that smoking is not good for health. So he never did. However, lot of his friends and colleagues did. Everyday in office, his seniors and colleagues would go out for a smoke while Sharma would sit inside the office waiting for them to come back. Over...
Drive Safe

Sharmaji Ka Beta – A Safe Driver

Sharmaji ka beta is always alert while handling any vehicle on the road. He loves to drive, and he is a disciplined driver. He always believed, if you are a responsible driver, you can always escape mishaps. One night, Sharma with his wife, went cycling after dinner, to exercise and burn some calories while enjoying...
Keep Quiet

Sharmaji Ka Beta – Quietly Loud

Sharmaji ka beta is a very patient guy. He does not honk unnecessarily when stuck in traffic. He understands, that his city is upgrading with new metro constructions and it is bound to be crowded because of that. One evening, Sharma was driving back home, after a busy day at work. He was at a...
Educate for Change

Sharmaji Ka Beta – Educate For Change

Sharmaji ka beta was not only an ideal son, but a good husband too. He used to make sure to keep his wife happy and spend time with her, taking her out on dates frequently. One weekend, after a romantic dinner with Susan, the duo was driving back home, when their car had a flat...
Keep it Clean

Sharmaji Ka Beta Keeps It Clean

Sharmaji ka beta does everything right. From getting into a top B-school, to securing a well paying job, he is an ideal son. He got married last week to a girl of his choice, named Susan. He had met Susan several months ago, when he went to Germany for a conference. The junior Sharma brought...

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