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women in management

Are Women the Future of Management?

By Manuelle Malot , Director of Careers and Prospective at EDHEC Business School At a time when companies deplore the lack of enthusiasm for the managerial function and when the younger generations expect managers to behave differently from their predecessors, could women be the future of management? For the new generations, a manager whose authority is...
climate change regulation - EDHEC

Climate Change: The Big Test for Public and Private Regulation?

By Bastiaan van der Linden, Associate Professor - CSR, EDHEC Business School  Growing concerns about anthropogenic climate change have led to the rapid development of greenhouse gas regulations. A striking characteristic of these regulations is that they are often promulgated by businesses and NGOs, rather than states. Private regulation is quite common nowadays, but in...
next generations - EDHEC

The enterprising spirit of next generations can usher in a new – and better – normal

By Manuelle Malot and Genevieve Houriet Segard, EDHEC Business School Unprecedented Covid-19 crises have confirmed the relevance of the term ‘VUCA’ for an increasingly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world. Although the pandemic is not yet behind us, the global economy is showing some signs of recovery and companies now have the opportunity to...
ethics of AI in hiring

The ethics of AI, a concern for young talent

By Prof. Serge da Motta Veiga and Genevieve Houriet Segard, EDHEC Business School While artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining ground in most businesses, considering its impact on society and the ethics of its use is becoming paramount. AI transforms not only the companies’ products and services but also their relationships with their customers and employees. In...
CSR survey - EDHEC

Climbing up the desirability ladder of young talent’s careers

Most employers keep the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability as a compliance and not a necessity. If not accompanied by accountable actions, their efforts for being more responsible may now be seen as an attempt to green wash and this could lead to a negative impact on their employer brand. The United...

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