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Incorporating CSR in your business

By Mr Harish Anchan Not too long ago, the social responsibility of businesses was to increase their profits. This saying has since evolved greatly, as employers, employees and customers these days, hold businesses to a higher standard and higher accountability. It is not enough for a business to just produce a desired product or service;...

Why Sustainable Development Goals Are As Significant As Your Business Goals

By Sanjaya Mariwala Think what comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘sustainable’ or ‘development’. ‘Sustainable’ takes us directly to the core of energy renewal, harnessing and the management of our depleting natural resources and, going green and eco-friendly. ‘Development’ in a layman’s language mostly refers to government plans and policies, both domestic...

Call From Community: Giving Back As An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur and running a business does not only mean making money and growing profits, even though it is the practical bottom line. We have to be very forward-thinking in approach to our products and services. Finding innumerable ways to build functional and cost-effective products and services, and also, provide innovative solutions to...

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