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How AssureShift is Helping NGOs Across India

AssureShift acts as a connecting bridge between customers having shifting requirements and verified packing moving companies who provide the required relocation services. Our main aim is to eradicate the fake and unprofessional movers who come up in the market by making sure that all packers and movers in various cities across the country get registered in order to grow their businesses. With the help of our strong network of moving companies across India, we are not only able to help people experience safe and smooth relocations, but also are able to actively contribute to the social welfare fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) duties.
It’s a well-known fact that almost everyone will usually sort through their households before moving to a new place; although some people take the necessary actions to give away the goods which are in usable condition to the needy, most of them tend to leave the unwanted items behind which may eventually get thrown away.
We believe in the saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and we understand it is not only important but also our duty to make people aware of the importance of donating. At AssureShift, we work towards carrying through our responsibility in two ways.
First, we list out NGOs in every city on our website along with their contact details, what items they accept in donation, etc. Secondly, we create awareness among our customers via blogs and articles, telling them to donate their decluttered goods to NGOs or hand them over to someone nearby their house who can make better use out of those items, instead of throwing them away.
Our partnered packers and movers in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and more than 15 other cities, also help suggest the NGOs where their customers can donate unwanted goods before they relocate.
Apart from getting in touch with trusted moving companies, we also get many visitors on our website who specifically want more information about NGOs in their particular city to donate their used goods or do any kind of charity work. Seeing this, many other social welfare organizations from across the country also prefer to directly contact us so we can add their details on our website. We verify the credentials of NGOs by checking their Govt. approvals, what items they accept, how do they run their NGO, and other necessary information before listing them.
Everyone has something to donate so we make it easy for them to find a social welfare organization near them on our portal. There are many unprivileged people in our country from newborn babies to elders whom you can donate your unused items such as old or new clothes, utensils, furniture, mattress, and other such things. Before donating anything please make sure they are in usable condition as whatever you are donating is going to be used by someone, be it clothes, footwear, books, utensils, furniture, and so on.
We at AssureShift not only create awareness about donating decluttered goods while home shifting, but we also encourage people to donate on any special occasion like their birthdays, festivals, or any special occasion. In many Indian homes, people buy new clothes/household items on special occasions like festivals, birthdays, etc., and many of us also clean our homes during festival times and sort out the unused things. We spread the word of ‘Sort, Purge, and Donate’ through our website to donate those unused items to the unprivileged and needy, and contribute to the social welfare of the country.
Most of them are very familiar with the quote “Sharing is Caring”, we at AssureShift have made it our motto, we create awareness among people to donate their unused items to the needy and underprivileged through our blogs, articles, and social media posts. We also promote social welfare organizations by listing them on our website, through this we also make it easy for people to find genuine NGOs near them.
Donate and feel the joy of sharing.