Home Press Release Arzooo dedicates its whole website for Covid vaccine slot tracking

Arzooo dedicates its whole website for Covid vaccine slot tracking

As the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccination drive progresses, the primary challenge for people has shifted to finding an appointment slot. With the Indian government now opening up vaccine slots for the 18-45 years age group, finding vaccination slots and appointments has become an everyday battle.
To help combat this battle, retal-tech startup Arzooo today announced the launch of a COVID-19 vaccine slot tracker on its B2B Platform as well as its main website, Arzooo.com.
Any citizen from across India can check the availability and also get notified for the next available vaccine slot. Arzooo has dedicated the whole website to the endeavour. However, the slot finding feature on its B2B platform (Arzooo’s app) is created exclusively for the partner retailers. Spread across more than 20 cities, Arzooo currently has a retail network of 10,000 partner retailers.
“We are dedicating our whole website to the cause of vaccination for next couple of months, there won’t be any other business on the corporate site. This opens the window for every citizen of the country to use the platform to check vaccine slot availability. We are together in this fight against a virus and this is the least we could do to help the community” said Khushnud Khan, Co-founder & CEO Arzooo.

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