Home News Wire APM Terminals Pipavav initiates “Pashu Uday” Project in Amreli

APM Terminals Pipavav initiates “Pashu Uday” Project in Amreli


Livestock plays an important role in the economic development of families in rural India and leads to women empowerment as they are intensely involved in the livestock management and their day-to-day upkeep. Livestock products are an important and sustainable source of income for the villagers.

As a part of its CSR initiative, APM Terminals Pipavav has initiated “Pashu Uday” project. “Pashu Uday” aims to increase the population of productive livestock, enhance productivity of existing livestock, create awareness related to scientific management, artificial insemination for better breed, livestock insurance, medical support and community fodder development.

Keld Pedersen, Managing Director, APM Terminals Pipavav said: “We are committed to enhancing the lives of the communities around us. We are happy to be a part of “Pashu Uday” which aims to provide sustained source of income to the villagers.”