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CSR: arm of APM Terminals Pipavav inaugurates Mobile Science and Maths lab for local students

A mobile science and maths laboratory was inaugurated on January 5 at Rampara Primary School in Rajula, Amreli. The “lab on wheels” set up by APM Terminals Pipavav will help village students to perform science and maths experiments to gain practical insights and hone scientific skills.
The Mobile Lab was inaugurated by Captain P K Mishra, COO, APM Terminals Pipavav in the presence of Sarpanch, Block Resource Co-ordinator and locals. The lab will facilitate experiments on various topics along with the sky watching, celebration of National Science Day, National Mathematics Day and block level science and maths exhibition.
The local students did not have access to the advance technology and were dependant on bookish knowledge. However, with this facility, the students will be able to get practical understanding on various subjects making “I do I learn” possible. Around 10,000 students and 200 teachers will be benefitted with this initiative and it will create awareness about Science and Technology among local students as well as villagers.
Capt P K Mishra said, “One of the objectives of APM Terminals Pipavav is to empower the students in the surrounding villages in their pursuit of acquiring knowledge and hone their scientific skills. This lab will provide an opportunity to students to do experiments and learn from the same. It will also help teachers in expanding their learning horizon and improve scientific knowledge.”

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