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Anil Agarwal is the only Indian Philanthropist to join The Giving Pledge in 2021

Vedanta Chairman Anil Agarwal is the only Indian to become part of The Giving Pledge this year, an initiative founded by Bill Gates in association with Melinda French Gates and Warren Buffet. He has pledged to give 75 percent of his wealth towards philanthropy and social good.
Now in its 11th year, The Giving Pledge is a movement of global philanthropists who have committed to give majority of their wealth to philanthropy or charitable causes.
In the past one year, The Giving Pledge has welcomed 14 new signatories, taking the total number of pledgers to 231 from 28 countries. Mr. Agarwal is the fourth Indian to have signed The Giving Pledge since its inception in 2010.
Anil Agarwal, Chairman Vedanta said, “I am pleased and excited to join The Giving Pledge along with my daughter Priya and would look forward to exchanging ideas on creating transformative impact on global goals such as eradicating malnutrition and women empowerment.”
Bill Gates, who founded the Giving Pledge together with Melinda French Gates and Warren Buffett, said in a press release to announce the new group of Pledgers, “I have always believed that if you are in a position to help somebody, you should do it. It’s great to welcome this new group of philanthropists to the Giving Pledge community as we continue to learn from each other and find new ways to maximize the positive impact of our philanthropy.”
The Giving Pledge aims to catalyze a movement that will help shift the norms around wealth and Giving Back on a global scale – including encouraging wealthy people to give more, establish their giving plans sooner, and give with greater impact.
Vedanta’s flagship CSR project Nand Ghar and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are already working together in improving health and nutritional outcomes in Uttar Pradesh. The novel partnership aims to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 2, which aims to end all forms of hunger and malnutrition by 2030.
The Anil Agarwal Foundation – an umbrella entity for Vedanta’s Giving Back initiatives – has rolled out a Rs 5,000 crore social impact programme with focus on nutrition, women and child development, healthcare, animal welfare and grass root level sports, including investments in a Corona-free village project across several states to combat the ongoing pandemic. The Foundation is committed towards empowering communities, transforming lives and facilitating nation building through sustainable and inclusive growth.
Vedanta has spent around Rs 1,000 crore on its social impact initiatives in the past three years impacting the lives of more than 4.2 crore people across the country.

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