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Affordable Healthcare For All – RHCF


There is a severe dearth of healthcare facilities in rural India. Despite accounting for more than 68% of the population, only about 3% of healthcare professionals practice there. To solve this, Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF) has been running out-patient primary medical care centres in areas of West Bengal deprived of proper healthcare facilities within 50km radius. They have 12 rural centres in different districts of West Bengal. They also run 5 urban centres in Kolkata. The centres offer high-quality and low-cost medical care to communities.

The rural centres, equipped with General Medicine, Optometry, Dentistry and Homeopathy departments and a pharmacy with over 200 kinds of generic medications, provides medical consultation at Rs. 80 and a 1-week supply of medication for free. Subsidized spectacles, free cataract and pterygium surgeries (in collaboration with Rotary) are also provided. Located in areas connected with proper transportation, the centres run 6 days a week. The non-medical support staffs at the centres are hired from within the communities, which help in building the trust with patients. The organization itself has methodical and organized operations to continue their mission. They follow a service delivery model that is scalable, replicable and also allows strive for sustainability, thus reducing dependency on donors. At present, a total of 5000 patients in a month can make a centre financially self-sustainable. From efficient utilization of funds (e.g. limiting administration expenses to 10% of project cost) to the procurement of generic medications to lower overall expenses, RHCF has strategies in place to help them further.

Established in 2009, the organization has treated over 2.2 million patients to date.

In order to contribute towards the mission of the foundation, please visit the website http://ruralhealthcarefoundation.com

For more information, contact:

Ph: +91 33 40082981/ +91 70444 92215
Email: rhcf2009@gmail.com

Facebook page – http://www.facebook.com/ruralhealthcarefoundation