Home Press Release CSR: ABP Network Partners with RHA India to serve 30 Million Meals

CSR: ABP Network Partners with RHA India to serve 30 Million Meals

Intent on combatting the ongoing hunger crisis, ABP Network has partnered with Robin Hood Army (RHA) – a volunteer-based, zero-funds organisation – for their national campaign #Mission30M. This CSR initiative seeks to serve 30 million meals to people most affected by hunger-related issues across rural and urban areas.
The Global Hunger Index 2019 ranks India as suffering from a “level of hunger that is serious”. COVID-19 has aggravated this situation. A new report published by Oxfam estimated that 122 million more people could be pushed into starvation this year because of the pandemic’s economic fallout. Given the gravity of the situation, ABP Network has associated with RHA in helping hungry people across geographies.
#Mission30M is a largescale food relief campaign organized by civil society. Through this, Robin Hood Army is bringing together corporates, media houses and volunteers across 200 cities in 10 countries. All volunteers will be following government, health and safety guidelines, along with social distancing norms, to ensure safe and secure deliveries. RHA is a voluntary-based, zero-funds organisation that works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community to serve less fortunate people.
ABP Network is helping RHA promote this initiative via the strength and reach of its national and regional channels – ABP News, ABP Majha, ABP Ananda, ABP Asmita, ABP Sajha and ABP Ganga – and its digital platform ABP Live, encouraging and inspiring people all across the country to join the common cause. ABP anchors are also using their social media handles to extend support and increase the initiative’s reach.
Avinash Pandey, CEO – ABP Network said: “Due to the varied ramifications of COVID-19, hunger has tightened its grip worldwide. These times remind us that nothing is more meaningful than serving society. As a responsible network, we cherish our duty towards society and stand committed to dedicating ourselves in the nation’s service in every way. We are supporting this initiative to spread compassion during this challenging period. I hope more individuals and institutions join our cause.”
Previously, ABP Network had collaborated with RHA for Senior Patrol – a movement that helped provide essentials to the most senior and susceptible members of society amid the COVID-19 crisis; The Mega-Christmas Food Drive of 2019; and the special Khaibar Pass Food Festival initiative, which involved distributing extra food from the festival to those in need. Through such significant initiatives, RHA has emerged as a powerful agent of change in Indian society.

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