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Fighting Casteism For Love And Progress

Love Marriage

India is known to be the fastest growing economy in the world. However, there are certain conflicts in the country that act like hurdles to progress. Casteism is one of the biggest among them.

India has seen many riots and conflicts triggered by casteism. Many people have died, many have become handicapped and many have lost their lives’ savings in these riots. And expecting justice has been altogether a different uphill battle for these victims. Politics too has played its part in many of these riots. This has caused them to grab lot of attention on national media, creating pressure on the Supreme Court to give its verdict against casteism.

Love marriages are still considered as taboo in many regions in India. This is especially true when the said union involves individuals from different castes. According to the Indian constitution, two consenting adults are legally allowed to stay together with or without getting married. However according to the rules of the society, they are not allowed to choose a person to marry in a different caste.

The cases of disagreement are so extreme that the families have at times gone as far as honor killing of their own children to prevent them from staying with the person they love. According to the National Crime bureau statistics, there has been a rise in honor killings in India by 796% from 2014 to 2015.

The large number of cases has compelled the Supreme Court to pass an order to form a law to curb these killings. After this, various state governments have announced cash prizes for couples getting into inter caste marriages. However, nothing could really succeed if the society would not upgrade its thinking.

There are several youngsters who fall in love and wish to get married, but have no legal, financial or physical support. In order to fill the gap, Love Commandos came into existence to fight this evil in the society.

Love Commandos formerly known as Peace Commandos is the only voluntary organization in India that is dedicated to help India’s love birds who wants to get married. The organization after seeking the age proof from the couple, aids them with anything that they need. They provide them with rescue service, shelter, legal help or assistance in getting married.

The organization has 7 shelter homes in Delhi-NCR region and several other make shift homes across the country. The shelters are all free of cost and the couple is supposed to only borne the expenses for their wedding. The organization relies upon the donations they receive.

The organization is currently supported by a few corporates and many human rights activists and journalists. However, the fact that our country needs the services of an organization like this is disheartening. We upgrade everything with time, then why don’t we do that with our attitude and thinking?

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