सीएसआर फंड विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में खर्च करना चाहिए: सुधीर मुनगंटीवार, वित्त और वन विभाग मंत्री, महाराष्ट्र

सीएसआर याने कॉर्पोरेट सोशल रिस्पांसीबिलीटी समाज में बदलाव के लिए मील का पत्थर साबित हो रहा है।सीएसआर के तहत कई ऐसे काम हो रहे है जिससे ना सिर्फ समाज मे बदलाव हो रहा है बल्कि लोगों की जिंदगी में भी काफी बदलाव आ रहा है।



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Mark Balla
Mark BallaFounding Director, We Can't Wait
In our view the long term solution to India’s sanitation crisis lies in the hands of the corporate world. Your government has provided a pathway for businesses to become actively involved in impactful CSR work.Thanks so much to The CSR Journal for helping us raise the awareness of this important and exciting opportunity to improve lives of India’s most underprivileged children.
Paul Abraham
Paul AbrahamCOO IndusInd Bank
The more The CSR Journal can reach out and make messages public and showcase the good work and success stories on the field, that will have a far better impact.The projects initiated, what made them succeed and the impact that comes of that success should be concentrated on.
 Mohandas Pai
Mohandas PaiChairperson of Board of Manipal Global Education Services
We need someone like The CSR Journal, who are going to analyse financial statements and tell the people how much is being spent. We need to showcase the good work and hold them as heroes to the country.
Mr.Kazutada Kobayashi
Mr.Kazutada KobayashiCEO & President, Canon India
The media plays a very important role in order to amplify and spread goodwill activities.I expect The CSR Journal to create the right information at the right time and in the right place. So that we can all get together to enhance the CSR activities in India.
Vidya Shah, CEO
Vidya Shah, CEOEdelGive Foundation
There is a huge role that media house and publications like The CSR Journal have to play because they are in effect and keeping us on our toes and bringing in different learnings from everything that you have seen.As a result, we also learn so you should keep up the good work.
Dr.Narayan Iyer, CEO
Dr.Narayan Iyer, CEOIndian Development Foundation
The CSR Journal is a wonderful initiative where the social responsibility programs by NGOs and the support that the corporates give can be married properly.The CSR Journal can showcase the good things so that development can be made faster through them. Best wishes from me and the whole IDF team.
Sweta Rawat, Co-Founder & Chairperson
Sweta Rawat, Co-Founder & ChairpersonThe Hans Foundation
The CSR space has expanded exponentially in the recent few years and media has played a key role in it. The CSR journal team is highly qualified and covers every developmental project initiated by charitable institutions and NGOs. We wish the team all the best in their endeavors
Chitra Iyer, COO
Chitra Iyer, COOMy Financial Advisor
The work The CSR Journal is showcasing in terms of what people think and do, is amazing. You could use social media and connect to reach out to more people and tell them the absolute need for it. As a law itself, not too many people know how to adhere to it. The CSR Journal could make a chip by chip impact on the minds of people on giving back. You can not only be the monitoring body but also the suggestion body.
Sanjay Dutt, Managing Director, India
Sanjay Dutt, Managing Director, IndiaCushman & Wakefield
Media plays a key role in creating awareness about social issues and consciousness amongst wider audiences, as it also provides insights into the various activities being done by institutions in respect to taking up social causes. It’s heartening to read about CSR activities done by various organizations on The CSR Journal. It’s one of the few dedicated media in India with a wide reach that helps us in identifying opportunities, create better understanding of the needs of the society as well as amplify good work done by corporates.

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