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YLG address the pressing water crisis in the country

Save water - YLG

YLG, one of the country’s leading beauty and wellness brands, takes a revolutionary step towards conserving water. The company has come up with a unique Shampoo technique that will save about 50% water on every wash and compared to a regular wash, this technique will save about five litres of water and is available in all YLG stores across India.

YLG is committed to being an active contributor to the sustainable development goals for the country. With the country battling water crisis, especially in cities like Chennai, this becomes the time to prioritise conserving the most precious resource provided to us. As an incentive to avail this offer, which comes with an added benefit of a soothing and comforting massage, an additional voucher of Rs. 250 is also provided to every customer who opts for this technique in the month of July.

Introducing this revolutionizing technique, Mrs Vaijayanti Bhalchandra, Co-founder and CTO, YLG Salon and YLG Institut said, “The past decade has been full of new adventures and learnings for us. We have always firmly believed that our brand needs to be a responsible entity. The needs of the society cannot be overlooked, and we have always felt that there is a need for us to play a part in it. We are confident that our customers will also be willing to make their contributions towards a sustainable world by opting for the new Save Water Shampoo Technique.”

Adding to this, the co-founder and CEO, Rahul Bhalchandra said, “Each day we read issues taking place due to water scarcity. It is the need of the hour that entrepreneurs like us took charge and played their part in water conservation. With this thought in mind, we have come up with the path-breaking Save Water Shampoo Technique across all our salons. Together with the support of our customers, we are treading towards conserving one of the most essential natural resources and generating awareness about the same.”

We believe that our services are not just limited to our customers, but they also extend towards the society. Initiatives like the ‘Save Water’ Shampoo Technique is what makes us, as well as our customers, stand out of the rest. This is not the first social initiative of YLG. In October 2018, Vaijayanti Bhalchandra was conferred with the Mahatma Gandhi Samman at the UK’s House of Commons, as a result of YLG’s dedication towards focusing on the learning, education and upliftment of its employees.