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CSR Workshop For Mumbai NGOs

Corporate Social Responsibility is now seen as ethical and smart way to conduct business, making corporate entities into socially responsible organizations, visibly contributing to the social good. The Company Act 2013 has made CSR legally binding with a mandate. There will be around 16000 companies in India who have to set-up their full-fledged ‘CSR Department’ with 2-Existing and 1-Independent Director, and will be spending 2% of PAT (profit after tax) as CSR around Rs. 22,000 Cr yearly.
Such business regulations in India have already created a platform for NGOs to play a part in creating shared value, by recommending the implementation of CSR projects through NGOs and development sector agencies. Businesses are also viewing CSR not only as a means of ‘doing social good’ but also as a means of ‘value creation’. In this context, it is essential that NGOs understand the CSR landscape in India. After decades, CSR has created a new world of opportunities for the Indian youth. India will require more than 1,00,000 CSR trained professionals across the country for different Corporate, Business Houses, Foundations and NGOs.
So your NGO is excited about the new Company Act, hoping to make good this financial year with CSR funds, but is your NGO ready and prepared to work with corporations? Is your house in order before you venture out to address the corporate mandates? Have you customized your services and products to fulfill your organization’s mission as well as the corporate mandate? More importantly, do you have a fair idea about the new CSR law? If your answer for any of these questions is NO, you should be then attending our FREE day-long workshop which will help you to get these answers.
The Ladybird Environmental Consulting (LEC), an environmental social enterprise in collaboration with Maharashtra Nature Park (MNP) invites all NGO professionals to attend this unique workshop. Participants will receive their e-certificates on completion of the workshop.
Date: 27 July 2014
Venue: Auditorium of Maharashtra Nature Park,  Opp. to Dharavi Bus Depot, Mumbai-400016
Time: 10.00 a.m to 3.00 p.m.
Programme: Overview of CSR, Meet Managers, Group work on packaging services and products, Identification of potential Corporates to work with.
How to Register: Fill the online registration form at www.ladybirdconsulting.co.in or  send an email to consultladybird@gmail.com
Contact: Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi, Founder & Director at 9820165525