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Top CSR Projects in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh
The state of Himachal Pradesh, also referred to as ‘Deva Bhumi’ is known for its scenic mountains and tourist destinations. Agriculture and horticulture are important occupations in the state, owing to the easy availability of water from the perennial rivers.
In FY2021-22, the state received CSR expenditure of Rs. 108.1 Crore from over 157 companies. Of this amount, Rs. 41.71 Crores were spent on various initiatives related to healthcare and sanitation, Rs. 36.82 Crores were spent on education related initiatives, and Rs. 11.28 Crores were spent on heritage art and culture related initiatives. Rural development and environment conservation causes received Rs. 7.02 Crores and Rs. 4.98 Crores respectively in the state. According to National CSR Portal.
The top three contributors to the state include SJVN Limited, NHPC Limited and Wipro Limited who spent Rs. 31.55 Crores, Rs. 11.16 Crores, and Rs. 7.8 Crores respectively, under from their CSR funds.
Let us look at the top CSR projects in the hilly state, contributing to its development.

Top Companies for CSR in Himachal Pradesh


In the wake of the unprecedented devastation in the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, MakeMyTrip Foundation initiates the immediate deployment of INR 5 crores towards relief efforts, in July 2023. The Foundation will work with a network of on-ground partners, government bodies, experts, NGOs, and locals to help operationalize immediate relief efforts.
Deep Kalra, Founder & Chairman, MakeMyTrip and Trustee, MakeMyTrip Foundation said, “There is an urgent need to send essential resources to aid the people of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand as they grapple with the extensive damages caused by the recent flooding. MakeMyTrip is a conduit for the discovery of the unparalleled beauty of these states. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to also help the local community in their time of need.”
“The current situation in these mountain states is trying, and requires a collective effort by each and every one of us. Small contributions will go a long way in aiding the emergency response action and enhance the quality of lives of the local communities who play host to us when we visit their home state,” added Deep.

Coal India

Coal India Limited (CIL) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Himachal Pradesh for the construction of a prefabricated building for a Government Primary School at Kumarsain, Shimla, HP, as part of the company’s CSR initiative. The PSU will extend financial assistance of rupees one crore towards the construction of a prefabricated building built with Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) technology for the Government Primary School at Kumarsain in Himachal Pradesh.

Coal India Himachal MoU

Jindal Steel Works (JSW)

Across India, STEM Learning is the implementation partner of Mini Science Centres (MSCs). Integrating STEM Learning in the education sector develops curiosity, inquisitiveness, critical thinking, problem-solving, imagining, innovating, questioning and exploring, designing and building, testing and modifying their solutions to complex problems among learners. This modern way of teaching not only helps students comprehend the concepts and their applications easily but also helps in implementing them for the progress of society as the students will be equipped with the required knowledge and skills for life.
JSW has extended its support to install MSCs in 5 schools of Himachal Pradesh. The MSCs have been installed in the remotest areas of the state, where students walk 2-3 km to reach their schools. Most of the students stopped coming to school as they had to walk a long distance. So the dilemma faced by the schools was to motivate students to regularly attend school. The chalk and board method doesn’t attract students nor peaks their interest. This is where MSCs played an active role.
Once installed MSCs become the property of the school and school authorities have added resources to use at their disposal. MSCs have 80 plugs and play models and each model is aligned to the syllabus of classes 5th to 10th which makes them a prerequisite to classroom learning. The exhibits are interactive and colourful which draws the attention of students and keep them engaged for a long period. While students are exploring these models they raise questions and learn in the process. Post-installation of the MSCs, through word of mouth the perks of the new interesting learning exhibits, got around. The students’ curiosity peaked and a rise in attendance was seen in schools.
348 students have experienced this educational transformation in Himachal Pradesh.

Hero MotoCorp

As part of its CSR initiatives towards the COVID-19 relief, Hero MotoCorp has donated four specially designed First Responder Vehicles (FRVs) based on the Xtreme 200R to the Department of Health and Family Welfare in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. The company says that these unique and utilitarian vehicles will be useful for reaching out to patients and the needy in rural and remote areas. Moreover, these can comfortably move them to the nearest hospitals. The said FRVs come with a full stretcher along with a foldable hood mounted on the side, essential medical equipment like a detachable first-aid kit, oxygen cylinder, fire extinguisher and other safety features. These safety bits include LED Flasher Lights, foldable beacon light, emergency wireless public announcement system and siren.