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This agency turned old age home into ageless community for its 6th anniversary

Experiential marketing agency The Think Tank Entertainment celebrated its 6th anniversary with the residents of Kishan Gopal Rajpuria Old Age Home in Mumbai. The Think Tank Entertainment is a full service integrated entertainment network, which specialises in creative strategy and big ticket events.
In an effort to bring back joy to their everyday lives, the team hosted a “T3s Got Talent” show where the entire team pitched in to showcase their individual talents. A select few enthusiastic residents were appointed as the judges to the event.

The talent hunt was a medley of singers setting the mood with nostalgic song performances, dance feats that got them swaying and a skit performance that recreated their favourite iconic ads.


Every year on their anniversary, the agency tries to give back to the community. This initiative acts as an extension of the activity done by the agency last year where they took over an orphanage and converted it into a playground of colours for the kids.
“For me, the elderly are a reservoir of knowledge that can not be sourced from books or videos. Celebrating our anniversary with them inculcates a culture of inclusion when it comes to the learning process. It brings in a sense of purpose and we aim to make it a part of our agency’s fundamental belief,” said Abhishek Mazumder, Founder & CEO.