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PokerBaazi Premier League to sponsor 14 Underprivileged Girls with prize pool

PokerBaazi has announced its association with non-profit NGO Vidya Integrated Development for Youth and Adults (VIDYA). PokerBaazi will donate a share of the rake...
Renew Power donates rice

ReNew Power Employees Donate 20000 Kgs of Rice To Feed The Underprivileged

The employees of ReNew Power Limited, through an internal donation drive, have successfully collected 20,000 Kgs of rice. The entire amount will be handed...

Joyously Elevating The Have-Nots On A Better Footing

A visit to a government school – Holy Bells School in Hyderabad truly impacted Archana Suresh’s life. A building with abysmal infrastructure, bare access...

We Are Over-regulated and Over-monitored: Sanjay Dutt, MD, India, Cushman & Wakefield

“Besides capital, there has to be expertise and conviction to make a difference”, says Sanjay Dutt, MD, India, Cushman & Wakefield, while in conversation...

क्यों बंद हो रहे हैं बजट प्राइवेट स्कूल ?

दुनिया के 37 फ़ीसदी अनपढ़ लोग भारत में रहते हैं, 58 फ़ीसदी बच्चे अपनी प्राइमरी स्कूल में ही पढ़ाई छोड़ देते हैं, जबकि 90...

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